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Joe Mariani

About the author: Joe Mariani is a computer consultant born and raised in New Jersey. He lives in Pennsylvania, where the gun laws are less restrictive and taxes are lower. Joe always thought of himself as politically neutral until he saw how far left the left had really gone after 9/11. His essays and links to articles are available at Joe:


Is the UN Playing Games with American Politics?
Mar 4, 2004

Libya: The First Domino Falls
Dec 20, 2003

Throwing Away the Southern Vote
Nov 2, 2003

Saddam and 9/11: Connect the Dots
Sept 8, 2003

Liberal Superfriends 2: The Sequel
Sept 5, 2003

The Liberal Superfriends
Sept 2, 2003

From The Weasels: Thanks For Nothing
Aug 30, 2003

Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Ten Commandments?
Aug 28, 2003

Where Is The ACLU When It's Actually Needed?
Aug 25, 2003

You Can Have Cary Grant; I'll Take John Wayne!
Aug 19, 2003

More Liberal "Rules" for Arguing
Aug 14, 2003

The Meaning of Right - Why I Supported the Iraq War
Aug 10, 2003

Bush's Big Blunder
Aug 6, 2003

What Is 'Good News' To Liberals?
Aug 2, 2003

The Clinton Legacy: In Answer to Mr. Stensrud
July 30, 2003

How To Be A Hypocritical Liberal
July 28, 2003

Clinton Backing Bush? Don't Bet On It!
July 24, 2003

Was WWII Also Unjustified?
July 20, 2003

Double Standard: Blindly Blame Bush
July 18, 2003

Much Ado About Nothing, Again
July 13, 2003

We Need You Arrogant Warmongering Americans...Again
July 9, 2003

Bring Them On
July 3, 2003

I Need Liberal Assistance, Now!
July 2, 2003

Rejecting Our Biological and Cultural Heritage
June 30, 2003

How Malleable Is The Constitution?
June 26, 2003

Is Hamas Exempt from the War on Terror?
June 22, 2003

Filibustering Judges: Hijacking Presidential Powers?
June 17, 2003

Liberalism: Curable or Terminal?
June 14, 2003

Liberal "Rules" for Arguing
June 10, 2003

Whining of Mass Distraction: How To Discredit A President
June 5, 2003

How Can We Miss The Clintons If They Won't Go Away?
June 4, 2003

Who Are These 'Rich' Getting Tax Cuts, Anyway?
June 2, 2003

How Stupid Do Democrats Think You Are?
May 31, 2003

When Good Liberals Go Bad
May 29, 2003

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