Joe Mariani

What Is 'Good News' To Liberals?
Aug 2, 2003

The recent news at the beginning of August has mostly been good for Americans. An uncritical thinker might believe that even Liberals would be glad to hear things are going well for this country at last, but a person like that has obviously never witnessed the hostility most Liberals display towards the USA. Of course there's bad news (like Britney Spears being considered for Daisy Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard movie). But there's no excuse for the level of glee with which Liberals greet it. Al-Qaeda has nothing on some of these CAVE people (Citizens Against Virtually Everything, as one friend calls them). If they want to find Americans who hate America with a passion, they should get in touch with Liberals, who are so heavily invested in negativity and anti-US propaganda that I often wonder why they choose to live in a country they hate. All those people fleeing Cuba for the US should leave a lot of job openings (hint).

This week, weapons-hunter-in-chief David Kay came back to the US to make a preliminary report. His team and the Pentagon have decided not to release the evidence they're discovering piecemeal anymore, which I think is a wise decision. The "Powell doctrine" of overwhelming force applies as well to the firepower of evidence as the more usual kind. To most of us, the news that the (literally) miles of documents -- and helpful Iraqis -- they've found are leading his team to places he never would have even suspected of housing weapons research when he worked for the UN is GOOD news. The word that they've found physical evidence of biological and chemical weapons production is GOOD news. However, the Antis (anti-war, anti- Bush, anti-American, the French in general) have redoubled their insistence that President Bush is somehow on trial here, as if he were the one spending the last dozen years working on ways to hide his biochemical manufacturing capabilities. Rather than seeking the truth, they seem intent on "proving" that Saddam was innocent, at all costs... because that would make America the Bad Guy that fits their twisted worldview, the nightmare monster of their fondest dreams.

The economy seems to be taking the first serious steps towards a real comeback. According to the New York Times, "In its first estimate of how the economy performed during the second quarter, the Commerce Department said that gross domestic product, which measures the total value of goods and services produced in the United States, rose at a 2.4 percent annual rate in the April-June period. That rise was well above the 1.5 percent rate of increase that most Wall Street economists had been forecasting. While the output numbers came as a pleasant surprise, analysts were equally encouraged by a report from the Labor Department, which showed that initial claims for unemployment benefits fell for a second straight week in the period ended July 26." That's terrific news, for most of us -- the GDP is a major indicator of the near future, even better than a Magic 8-Ball (and MUCH better than the Liberal 8-Ball) Yet the Liberals and Democrats still attack President Bush over the "failed" economy which, in case you need a reminder, crashed in May 2000, eight months before he took office. Massive accounting scandals being uncovered and terrorist attacks on US soil certainly haven't helped. But the economy seems to be recovering at last, and the CAVE people seem furious about it.

North Korea has finally realised that THIS President won't give in to nuclear blackmail, and has agreed to multilateral talks. The United Nations has approved a multilateral force in Liberia, and President Charles Taylor has left its capitol, Monrovia. Iran is still making progress towards democracy. Saddam's murdering rapist sons are in the ground, and his own capture seems imminent. Coalition forces are learning how to deal with Iraqi culture (paying a bounty for civilians wounded or killed as per their custom, for instance), and the Iraqis seem to appreciate it. A group of Iraqi citizens attacked a man who fired a RPG (rocket-propelled grenade) at coalition soldiers and turned him over to them. Thirty thousand Iraqis signed a letter expressing thanks to the coalition, and the Interim Council announced its first President. The UN is sending a team to help organise Iraqi elections. Palestine and Israel are still working towards peace, and asking the US to adjudicate their disagreements instead of attacking each other as they always have. The Bush tax cuts have begun to appear in paychecks, and rebate checks have been mailed out to millions of citizens. The Congressional report on 9/11 seems to support the Czech claim that Mohammed Atta DID meet with a high-level Iraqi official in April 2001. According the Washington Times story, "Czech Interior Minister Stanislav Gross said last year he took issue with U.S. press reports that the meeting did not take place. 'I believe the counterintelligence services more than journalists,' Mr. Gross told a Prague newspaper."

All of this news fills most clear-thinking Americans with a sense of relief and hope... yet the Antis seem more enraged than ever! Their gleeful, gloating predictions of gloom, doom, death and destruction seem not to have come true. They have more, though... they always do. Are they really trying to "caution" us as they claim, or do they really WANT those things to happen? If the former, they would be happy that the pitfalls have been avoided thus far, but that doesn't seem to be the case, does it? The more successes America has, the more vociferously they point out anything short of perfection. I just can't understand what they gain from trying to spread that kind of negativity and depression. That's probably a good thing, now that I think about it.


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