Joe Mariani

The Clinton Legacy: In Answer to Mr. Stensrud
July 30, 2003

"People often disagree with my view of Mr Bill Clinton as a good president, but the only reason they can think of is the scandal and his impeachment. I ask for something else, but there is nothing they can think so, mainly because you'd have to search hard to find something else."
Matthew Stensrud - The Republicans - What They've Done WRONG

Not really. If some people can't think of any reasons, that's entirely due to Clinton's Shadow- like ability to cloud the minds of his enemies. Here's a short list of the most memorable Clinton scandals:

Whitewater: Federally-backed S&L funds were loaned by Clinton's business partner to the Whitewater Corp they were partners in to make shady loan deals which tanked. Taxpayer cost: $60 million. All the legal work for Whitewater was done by the Rose Law Firm... specifically, by Hillary Clinton. The specific Rose Law Firm files conerning the Whitewater Corporation mysteriously disappeared when subpoenaed, only to turn up two years later in a White House closet with Hillary's fingerprints on them.

Travelgate: Thirty-year veteran apolitical White House Travel Office employees fired to make room for Clinton campaign contributors. Led to IRSgate and Filegate.

IRSgate: When Clinton wanted a reason to oust him, the IRS suddenly audited Billy Dale, head of the Travel Office. This would be a blatantly illegal and a flagrant abuse of power, but it could not be proved that Clinton ordered it. It IS, however, an amazing coincidence that most of Clinton's enemies got audited. The IRS also audited Paula Jones (who accused Clinton of sexual harrassment), Patricia Mendoza (who refused to shake his hand and told him "You suck"), and Kent Brown (who brought the lawsuit that forced Hillary to reveal the names of her health care task force members). The IRS also investigated conservative organisations National Review magazine, Oliver North's Freedom Alliance, the NRA, and Citizens Against Government Waste after each had been critical of the President.

Fostergate: Hillary's aide and former Rose Law Firm partner Vince Foster apparently committed suicide when the Whitewater scandal broke. Police were barred from his office for 48 hours while it was emptied by Bill and Hillary's staffers. After the third search of his briefcase by investigators, a suicide note is found in it, torn in 28 pieces... none of which bore any fingerprints at all.

Filegate: Over NINE HUNDRED "raw files" from the FBI were found to have been sent to the White House. Raw files contain not just proven facts about the subjects, but any rumors, innuendo, divorce papers, psychiatric records, debt records, or any suspected criminal information -- prime blackmail material. All the files were of prominent Republicans and former employees of the White House, including Billy Dale (though he'd already been fired). Those files should never leave the FBI, nor even be SEEN by anyone outside the FBI -- this would be a violation of the Privacy Act. Clinton blamed it on a "bureaucratic snafu" and the matter was dropped. Yes, the files of the people who ordered it dropped were in there.

Coffeegate: It's a violation of Federal law to raise campaign contributions on Federal property. Yet those who wanted access to the President could make donations of $10,000 to the Democratic National Committee and coincidentally be invited to have coffee at the White House with Clinton. Those who donated $50,000 coincidentally got to spend the night and have breakfast with him.

Wampumgate: A Chippewa application for a gambling license was denied after a rival tribe made hefty contributions to the DNC. The leaders of the Chippewa tribe were mostly Republicans, and their application was supported by Republican Senator Al D'Amato.

Chinagate: The Lippo group, owned by the People's Republic of China, made huge donations to Clinton's re-election campaign (about $3 million, through various owned companies). In return, Clinton lobbied Congress to grant Most Favored Nation status to Red China... and make it permanent. A Lippo exec joined the Commerce Department and was granted Top Secret clearance without a background check. In 1998, Clinton granted a company called Loral a waiver to sell missile guidance technology to China... despite the thirteen nuclear warheads China had targeted at the USA!

Sexgate: This is the part of Clinton's legacy that's most quoted by his supporters as "the reason" for his impeachment and disgrace. However, Monica was the least part of it... at least SHE was having consensual sex with Clinton, as were Gennifer Flowers and Sally Perdue. Less willing partners included Kathy Willey, Paula Jones, and Juanita Broaddrick.

Triple Threat: Possibly the worst act committed by Clinton was leaving the triple time bomb of Al-Qaeda, Iraq and North Korea to detonate on his successor's watch. He allowed NK to cheat on its promise not to work on nuclear weapons, ignored Saddam's slow-but-steady corruption of the United Nations as they skimmed a 2.2% commission off the top of every oil-for-food transaction, and refused to take Osama bin Laden as a gift from the Sudanese government after the first WTC bombing.

Clinton was not impeached for having sex, not even with a nineteen-year old girl, not even in the Oval Office, not even because of adultery. He was not impeached for destroying the dignity and credibility of the Presidency. Clinton was impeached because he LIED UNDER OATH to a Federal Grand Jury. What he lied about is immaterial. His supporters want us to believe it was "all about sex". Catching Bill Clinton in a provable lie under oath was like catching Al Capone cheating on his taxes -- it wasn't the worst thing he ever did, but it was the one thing he got caught doing.


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