Joe Mariani

Who Are These 'Rich' Getting Tax Cuts, Anyway?
June 2, 2003

Is it just me, or do the Democrats reflexively cry "tax cuts for the rich!" every time anyone even mentions cutting taxes? If you are in a room full of Democrats, and cough "tax cuts" into your hand, does everyone within earshot automatically finish "...for the rich!" and then look around to see who started it? It'd be a great way to find out if anyone around you is a closet Democrat. Try it now.

What I want to know is, whose money is it, anyway? And how much more of it do I get to keep? Now, I'm no math wizard, so I checked it out at http://www.smartmoney.com/tax/filing/index.cfm?story=bushtaxcut and found out some interesting facts. Most importantly, it's NOT tax cuts "for the rich". It's a tax cut for pretty much everybody. Naturally, if you go strictly by dollar amounts, the more you make, the more you get to keep. That's just common sense.

For an example of how Democrats can deliberately see the numbers but miss the math, let's assume a "rich" single person is paying $109,000 a year in taxes (income approximately $350,000) while a "poor" single person is paying $1,200 a year in taxes (income approximately $18,000). You can already see that the "rich" person is paying 31% in taxes, while the "poor" person pays 6.6%. Now let's reduce both their income taxes by one percent. The person making $350,000 now pays $105,000, saving $5,000, while the person making $18,000 now pays $1,008 instead of $1,200, saving $200. So if everyone had their taxes reduced by one percent, that's how much more of their money they'd get to keep. When Democrats see those numbers, they get steamed. "The rich are getting twenty-five times more money back than the poor!" they scream. But that's just ignoring the real math, isn't it? They both got ONE PERCENT more of their own money back. This isn't a government handout, folks, it's people keeping more of the money they earn for themselves. The only people not getting a big cut are single taxpayers making in the thirties. And, of course, one other group.

The most astonishing fact I found is that -- I hope you're sitting down -- people who pay no taxes under the current system will not get a tax cut at all. THAT'S the thing that has the Democrats REALLY upset. I guess they're right -- the tax cuts do nothing for the poor. Of course, you can't cut something that doesn't exist, can you? There's that annoying common sense thing again. Yes, it appears that a family of 4 making up to $26,056 a year will continue to pay the same exorbitant annual Federal tax of: zero dollars. (As soon as you crossed the boundary into the heady $26,057 range, you would have gotten reamed for a dollar a year, under the pre-Bush tax laws.) That's a total tax cut for them of zero percent. There you have it -- the Democrats are right. People who pay no taxes now will not get a tax cut. However, that same family of four will now continue to pay zero taxes under the Bush plan up to an income of $33,606, whereas they would have been paying $1,133. That's a tax cut of one hundred percent for families making between $26,057 and $33,606.

The same family of 4 making $50,000 (are they "the rich"?) only pays $2,460 in taxes, as opposed to the $3,592 they would have had to pay. That's (thank god for calculators) $1,132 more in their pockets than they would have had if not for the Bush tax cuts. That cuts their taxes by 31.5%! And the same family (somebody got a whopping raise) making $100,000 gets to keep $2,992 more of the money they earned at their jobs, for a cut in their taxes of 19%! Hold on there... I thought the Democrats were saying the "rich" get a bigger tax cut than the "poor"? OK, let's try a family of four making a million dollars a year. They're certainly rich, right? Well, they get to keep $31,351 more in their pockets this year than they would have done. It's true, they are keeping more money. However... it only comes to an 8.88% cut from what it would have been.

So why do the Democrats want YOUR thousand dollars or two so badly? Why, to give to that family of four making only half what you make, of course. They didn't earn it, but they get it anyway, thanks to the Democrats. That's called "income redistribution", and it doesn't work out. Ask the Soviet Union what they think about taking money from the "rich" to give to the poor. Oh, wait, you can't... they went broke doing that.

And so would we. Is that what the Democrats want to happen to the USA? Is that what they want to do to the capitalistic system that made us arguably the most powerful nation on Earth? If the harder you work, the less of your own earnings you get to keep... then what could possibly be your incentive to work hard? Or at all? In fact, why not just kick back and let the government send you a check instead of doing all that hard work, only to have your money taken away and given to people who didn't earn it?

My question is, do you want to live in the Democrats' welfare state? Do you want to be dependent on the government for your income? That's what the Democrats want for you. It would give them more control over your life than they already have. Sorry, but I'm not ready to cede control over my own life to the government. Are you?


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