Joe Mariani

How Stupid Do Democrats Think You Are?
May 31, 2003

It looks as though the roiling mass of Democratic Presidential candidate hopefuls may have decided on the "key issue" for their 2004 campaigns. What they call "universal health care" is just another name for one of the most unworkable, unrealistic government-fostered ills of our time... Socialised Medicine.

Every one of the candidates has his or her own plan, no two alike. The main thing they all have in common is that adopting any one of them would be just like putting everyone in America on Medicare. (Do you know anyone over 50 who can say "Medicare" without adding four-letter words?) All the proposed health plans would repeal the Bush tax cuts that were just passed, of course. The main beneficiaries of these on- and-off tax cuts would be H&R Block. I know I'd never be able to figure out my taxes by myself.

Socialised medicine is a fancy way of saying the government will take over what has been run by private institutions, in order to increase your dependence on the Federal government. This would reduce (if not eliminate) competition and limit our choices, which would automatically lead to a reduction in the quality of service. Lack of competition in health care would make your doctor's office seem like... well, exactly like the Division of Motor Vehicles.

For most people, a visit to the DMV is like taking an advance installment of your allotted time in Hell. Long lines, endless wait times, sullen service, reams of forms, and regulations that might as well be written in Sanskrit. Is that how you want to spend your sick time? My last driver's license photo makes me look as if I'm about to bite the photographer, which I probably was by then. (I like to show it to my little nephews to try and scare them. They just laugh.)

Our neighbors to the north have socialised medicine. That's why you see Canadians coming across the border by the busload -- literally! -- to get decent, fast medical care in the USA. The waiting list for some surgical procedures is FIVE YEARS as reported at http://www.ncpa.org/pi/health/pd011700e.html. Michael Bliss, a medical historian, wrote in The National Post newspaper: "So we have the absurdity in Canada that you can get faster care for your gum disease than your cancer, and probably more attentive care for your dog than your grandmother."

This is the health care system the Democratic candidates all want to subject you to, should one of them win in 2004.

My question is this: why would the United States of America, arguably the strongest, richest nation on the Earth, voluntarily submit its people to third-world medical care?


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