Joe Mariani

When Good Liberals Go Bad
May 29, 2003

Liberals USED to be full of good ideas. Social Security, minimum wage laws, the ACLU and labor unions were all fairly good ideas when they started, at least. Sure, they failed miserably with age, but you can't deny they were originally intended to help someone, somewhere. Liberals used to stand for compassion and protection of American freedoms, even if they had misguided ideas about how to implement that protection.

Now, however, they are the new Thought Police, making us all look over our shoulders whenver we express any opinion that conflicts with the proper political correctness we are all supposed to display at all times. That USED to be called "freedom of expression" -- remember it? Remember when people laughed at TV characters like Archie Bunker, the lovable bigot? Sure, everyone (except maybe my dad) understood how wrong his opinions were about minorities, but no one would have thought to "stifle" his right to express them. These days, expressing your own opinion, if not politically correct, is called some kind of "ism" and can get you sentenced to brainwashing -- excuse me, "sensitivity training".

Today's liberals stand for nothing American, embrace nothing American, and help nobody American.

Today's liberals are personified by the ACLU -- fighting for the rights of everybody EXCEPT law-abiding Americans.

Today's liberals march arm-in-arm with the World Workers Party -- which used to be less-euphemistically known as the World Communist Party -- to protest against Americans removing an unclean tyrant like Saddam Hussein from power. The WWP claims they are trying to protect the world from American imperialist aggression. On their web site http://www.workers.org/wwp.php they state "We're for socialism. We think that ownership of the tremendous productive wealth built up by hundreds of millions of workers can't remain in the hands of a privileged few."

What I wonder is, who is protecting America from the Thought Police? And if I complain, will I be sentenced to "sensitivity training"?


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