White Southerners Drag This Country Down

By Mark Gelbart
Sept. 14, 2004

Don't get me wrong. I live in the south, and I love the south. I spend my Saturday afternoons watching the Georgia Bulldogs and other southern college football teams; I enjoy true quality peaches and real grapes known as scuppernongs; I eat my fatback and grits; and the people are very nice. I simply disagree with them about politics and religion. The political beliefs of white southerners drag this country down.

It has always been this way throughout American history starting with the issue of slavery. Most northern states gave up slavery as early as 1800, but for economic reasons, southerners refused to give up on the heinous institution. Everyone knows slavery was an economic advantage for a few wealthy landowners. They used their political clout to completely control and influence society. Having slaves was a detriment to the poorer whites as well, because they could not compete with free labor. Yet, rich whites owned the newspapers. The editorial pages were filled with pictures of what would happen if slaves were freed. (Black men would go with white woman. OOOOH! How abhorrent.)

We all know what happened. The bloodiest war in American history broke out. And it was not even because the north was going to force the south to give up slavery. It was because the country elected a president--who for the first time--was going to morally condemn slavery. This was a slap in the face to the south. The south defended the institution of slavery, and the southern Baptist religion was even founded on this moral defense. There is no argument today. At least not a reasonable one. The south was wrong. And the south was wrong during the Civil Rights battle one hundred years later.

The south is still wrong. If it wasn't for white southerners, George W. Bush would have no chance of getting elected. He can rely on the south to vote for him in a block. What's wrong with Bush?

Then there is the war on terror which has been one colossal blunder after another. Let's make this clear. Mr. Bush was not the victim of bad intelligence. He deliberately mistated the intelligence that he did have--an impeachable offense. Starting a war of aggression for phony reasons is a crime against humanity.

It is evident that we have a redneck gangster as president. Unfortunately, white southerners by and large support him even though his policies such as his tax cuts for the rich hurt working class southern whites. Their blind loyalty brings this country down.


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