Senator John Kerry And The Coalition Of The Bribed

By Ken Hughes
Oct. 10, 2004

When John Kerry coined the phrase ďThe Coalition of the BribedĒ Iím sure he never expected it to come back to haunt him. There is a coalition of the bribed, France, Germany, Russia, the United Nations and who else? Itís been proven these countries and the UN profited handsomely from the Food for Oil program established after the UN Sanctions were in place on Saddamís government. Do we have the whole story or is there more to come? Who else was involved and will we ever know the truth?

Itís been suggested some American politicians may have been involved in the ďCoalition of the BribedĒ. We know it wasnít George Bush and Dick Cheney they were to busy trying to figure out ways to get Iraqís oil for their own personal gain or so say the Liberals.

It always given me pause for thought when I hear some totally ridicules statement being made about someone. What is it the person making the accusation is trying to cover up? What is it about the war in Iraq Senator Kerry is trying to distort that he continues to make these differing statements. He is, he isnít, he was, and he wasnít. Itís impossible to know where Kerry is on the war in Iraq. As near as I can tell his plan for winning is by confusing the hell out of the terrorists. So far itís working on me.

Iím not accusing Senator Kerry of any misdoings but his obsession with having France, Germany and Russia involved in the Iraqi reconstruction leaves some serious questions unanswered. Knowing these countries and the UN were involved with an effort to reconstitute and inadvertently finance Saddamís desire for renewed WMD programs why would Senator Kerry be so admit about involving them? Could it be the Senator has a vested interest in the programs as well?

Itís nearly impossible to understand were the Democratic candidates stands on any issue. When Senator Kerry is asked a question he gives a five- minute response with out using one verb. Senator Edwards, ďIíll be happy to answer that question but first let me tell you about George BushĒ. What kind of an answer is that? Both these men Kerry and Edwards are clearly in over their heads. Their only plan for defeating the terrorist is to talk them to death. Every plan these men have starts with negations with the Coalition of the Bribed, France, Germany and Russia. Neither will admit to 58 years of negations by the UN and what do we have a world in turmoil. The world is a far more dangerous because of the UN and their liberal stance on issues than because of President George Bush.

As I watched all the debates one very clear vision stood out. ďPostureĒ who had it and who didnít. I donít mean who stood up the straightest but who stood out. President Bush and Vice President Cheney both seemed to have that in your face confidence we like in a leader. Both men stick their chins out, both men when speaking lean forward, both man show confidence in what they have to say. Kerry and Edwards seem to preface their comments with some rather strange gestures, they lean back hesitate slightly and making sure they have the proper posture for the camera. They both are a little to Hollywood for my tastes. This is only my opinion.

Both the President and the Vice President are from Cowboy country. Midland Texas and Sheridan Wyoming respectively . You donít want to act to sophisticated in either place or youíll get your come-up-ance as they say in Cowboy Country. Iím a defender of Rednecks and Hillbillyís We need more of them and fewer Lawyers in politics. I guess my point is if a farm boy can invent Television, [Farlow T. Farnsworth of St. Anthony Idaho.] Two good old boys from Cowboy Country can lead this nation for another term as President and Vice President.

You can trust a man who leads with his chin and not with his eloquence.

God Bless America.


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