Short Story: A Sacrifice

By Ajit Peter
June 30, 2004

The sound coming from the next room woke the boy up. It was his grandfather crying from the other room, his grandma sleeping next to him got up and went to the next room. The boy lying awake in the bed was afraid to go with his grandmother. All of a sudden the cries of his grandfather stopped, the boy could make out the sound of the doors being opened and a few moments later footsteps arriving back to the house. To the boys ten-year-old brain everything seemed to be ambiguous. The boy stated awake with his eyed tightly shut, for he was afraid.

It was a cold December morning when the boy was woken up by the neighbor, she took him to her house and gave him breakfast. She gently held the boy and told him his grandfather has expired. This was the second time when he had heard the word death. The previous one when he overheard the conversation between his grandfather and his grandmother the previous night. It was about the boy’s father who after undergoing an operation in the gallbladder became seriously ill and the doctors had given a period of twenty-four hours for survival. The boy’s grandfather had gone to the hospital to checkout on his son in law, and was discussing the state of affairs to his wife. Hearing that the boy had refused to have dinner and went for a restless sleep. Now his grandfather was dead and the boy was afraid to ask the neighbor about his father’s health.

After breakfast the boy went to see his grandmother. She was in the center hall and his grandfathers body was lying on the bed on which he usually sleeps, when the old lady saw the boy she held him tightly and cried, yet the boy couldn’t comprehend the meaning of death. After some tearful moments with his grandmother the boy went out and a neighbor took the boy and told him about death and how people after dying go to heaven to be with God. Still in the young brain something struck now the boy needed to know whether his father had gone to heaven to be with God. Soon relative’s friends and neighbors crowed in to the house, the boy was left alone. The local church priest had come and people were singing sorrowful hymns. Few people had gathered outside and were discussing about the man who lay dead.father of four children of whom the eldest was the boy’s mother. A person known for his dedicated teaching profession. Still few people couldn’t comprehend the death of such a strong man who carried the boy and his sister to school the previous day. Yet the man lay dead now, the relatives were making funeral arrangements for the next day. The boy still was seeking the news about his father. That night the boy had his dinner with his uncle and slept in the cot next to his sister. His sister was asleep and the boy lay restlessly tossing and turning in the bed he didn’t know when he fell asleep. The next morning he was woken up by the sound of an ambulance the boy opened the window and to his surprise he saw his father and mother getting down from the ambulance. His father looked tired and the boy rushed to his father and took hold of his hands, the boy’s father entered the hall and sat near the bed where the body was lying the boy could make out tears from his fathers eyes. After some time his dad and mom left in the same ambulance and the boy stood in the gate looking at the fading ambulance.

Later that evening after the funeral procession was over, the boy was with his uncle. And the doctor who gave treatment to the boy’s father came toward the boy lifted him up, and whispered in the boy’s ears! Son don’t worry about your father for he will live, for on the same night when your grandfather died your father had a miracle and he is now out of danger. In a few words the grandfather had committed the greatest sacrifice for the boy.


About the author Ajit Peter: Born on 5th of february travelled twenty seven times around the sun. A mechanical engineer concerned about non conventioanl energy affairs and micro business development. Contact me at: ajitpeter@hotmail.com

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