Homosexuality and Satanism

By Dennis L. Siluk
Aug 25, 2004

Let's see if the shoe fits. And the Lord said, "You belong to your father Satan. And you are eager to glorify the appetites which are your fathers." Thus, if Lucifer's is real, it is his signature on Homosexuality, in the eyes of God, and for all those who are Homosexual to proclaim God is on your side, "You belong to your father Satan." But we shall look at this closer. Homosexuality is a person with an unbalanced personality, and forty years ago, it would have been unheard of not to proclaim this. But today, it is becoming almost a scarcity for even preachers to bring it up, or politicians in fear they will not win their position, one such person is Arnold Schwarzenegger who has a duty to make it an issue; either for God or for Satan, take your pick you can't hide - and it looks like he is trying to wash his hands, did that not happen once before, Pilot?

In our human condition we as individuals and spirits, willing and thinking as we are geared to psychophysical activity - the evil spirits in question are not personal in that sense; thus, the spirit is trying to infect us and does; he says: "I and We," or "My and Our" in a way, as they have said, "We are all the same." These are the spirits infecting the Homosexual.


What does the Homosexual want - unrestricted sexual pleasure, which is not conducive to Christianity in anyway; and for all those preachers out there trying to be in-between, there is no such area; especially to an exclusive relationship in this area.

Someone brought up the word "choice," to me, you have your choice, I'm not taking it away, I just proclaiming it, putting it, where it belongs, in Satan's lap - with you. Another person said it was "Intrinsically disordered," meaning it was not his fault, so he'd have us believe, he acquired it, the Darwin's theory, the giraffe got his neck by natural selection - the more he stretch, the longer it got. Another person said, it can be justified by "love," forget the sexual relationship, it can be "love," the deciding factor. I love a dog, thus I can have sex with him now. According to Satanism, whatever desires you have in the sexual area you can satisfy it is ok [The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandon Lavey]. Where does it stop? It doesn't.

What I had just mention is what is circulating as a "Neutrality View," John J. McNeill, again, his view is "love" justifies it. We know how his god is, his father, it is Satan. Let's look at what the Satanic Bible says:

"The phallus is a pagan fertility symbol which represents generation vitality and aggression. This is yet another devise which has been blasphemously...of Christianity." What are they really saying? It is ok to be aggressive, it is ok to be blasphemous, and it is ok to have the phallus hanging you your garage and do as you wish with it. Or for that matter, have a boy there in the house waiting for your pleasure.

"In order to pay homage to the very lusts which sustain the continuance of life, it self," This to me implies, what ever you want to keep you running, take it sexually: dig deep into the pit if need be.

"Satanism encourages its followers to indulge in their natural desires..." [Forbidden fruits]." Whatever they may be, Christianity does not allow that, there are limits. Homosexuals do not want limits put on them.

Like Hitlerian concepts: "Strength through joy." Satan's voice proclaims this, as does the Homosexual voice.

"It would seem, to the Satanist, for so many centuries, one would welcome the chance to be human for once," implying to take sex as you wish, it is a human thing, God made it, not abuse it to the hilt. Satan did not create sex, he just took it, along with knowing human nature, and worked on the pleasure system of man.

Satanism as does Homosexuality, sanctions and supports ones type of sex that satisfies ones desires, be it bisexual, asexual, or homosexual.


About the author: Mr. Siluk is a world traveler, a lover of the mysteries around the world, and has visit many World Heritage Sites, the most recent being Easter Island and the Galapagos. His most recent book: "After Eve," and his 26th book thus far, can be seen on/at Barns and Nobel.com, Amazon.com, Walmart and several other sites. He spends his time between Lima, Peru and St. Paul, Minnesota, and is wroking on two more books: "Stay Down, Old Abram," and "Curse of the Abyss Worm," the second being a suspensful mystery.

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