Is Being Sick in the Head a Disease?

By Marlene Thornton
Aug 12, 2004

What is more useless then knowledge? Knowledge is the very thing that wastes a mind. To make one evil, and do all the tragic things done. The world is in torment, and know one is listening. Cause, know one can hear the cry for help.

Most crime happens behind the scene. Childrens closest relatives. Ones they love, and dearly would not want to see get in trouble. The child is planted in its mind from the other that this is right. The child knows it is not right. Unlike my self, most don't back away. Then, they grow up. With shattered dreams, they end up telling someone. The truth becomes reality, and someone becomes responsible. Usualy the family member ends up going to court.

I knew this one young girl. She was a friend of mine when I was young. At the age of fourteen her father got her pregnant. Not only did he get her pregnant, he raped her child.

This man knew know boundary's. He ,also, raped his son. His son is gay today. His wife still waits for him to do his time in prison. Cause, many years later his daughter took him to court, and get out. Waiting for her love! He got something like seven years in prison. Not enough time for a man that will get out, and do it all over again. Is he better off in there or out is the next question?

He tried to get his daughter to molest me. One night when I stayed at her place. He got a baby setter. He made the baby setter lock us in the bedroom. I never seen sex before. Not only that, I didn't know anything about love. My mother was a widow of many years. And, she never wanted a man after. My dad died when I was five. So, sex wasn't something I was raised with. I only knew of dolls, and kids stuff.

My friend wanted to show me, and teach me. She said she could teach me what a man likes. I got up, and ran home. I was to young to know any better. But, I knew this wasn't right.

A couple years later. I was there, again. I figured I would take her up on the offer of staying. I forgot about what happened before. I was sleeping, and woke up to her molesting me.

Intantly I ran home at 12:00 at night. The darkness was terrible. I could only see black. Living out in the woods with know light didn't help. The moon was not out that night.I was afraid a wild animal might get me. But , I high tailed it as fast as I could.

Her mother was screaming at me. Calling my mother all the evil words she could. I could not understand why she was swearing about my mother. This mad me very mad. My mother was my soul friend as well as a mother. I never went back, again. And, did not allow my once upon a time friend to come close to me.

The whole family seemed to be sick. In many ways. It is to bad that this man will get back out. The sicker part is his wife waits for him to get home.

It shows that when there is one sick person, and he is not helped it travels. It is like a bad plant in a garden. If you don't take that bad plant out, it will eat all the nutrients. Then, all the other plants will die. Like, some bad disease that spreads, and can't be stopped. Cause, they were not all born out of the same mother.

So, in some cases having knowledge is useless.


About the author Marlene Thornton: Born in Fredericton New Brunswick Canada. My bio is on my home page. I was published right up until a month ago. When publishamerica is trying to break our contract. Yet, won't email me nor talk to tell me why.

I am published this coming fall 2000. In a magazine in the UK. And, have won many awards in poetry. Also, editors choice award dor 2003.

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