The Palestinian Elections - A Hope For Change

By Michael John McCrae
Jan. 26, 2006

After reading: “Dramatic Showing for Hamas in Palestinian Elections”, Wednesday, January 25, 2006, FOXNEWS I was thinking it was a hopeful sign that change is in the works towards peace.

It is true that the Palestinians under Yasser Arafat’s Fatah were not the best of neighbors for Israel. The militant arm of Fatah (the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade) continually sponsored homicide attacks against soft targets in Israel; attacking busses and eateries and markets. The attacks slowed down after the death of Arafat, but the ideals of Arafat continue to guide Palestinian politics and diplomacy. Fatah has always believed Israel in “occupation” of Arab lands and has always called for Israel’s complete destruction.

Hamas has been no different except in its extremist form of Islam. Where Fatah is more secular and permissive of individual freedom, Hamas is more Islamic and supportive of theocratic ruler ship. Hamas is also more aggressive against Israel and refuses to negotiate in any way. Hamas, like Fatah desires only the complete destruction of Israel.

It is difficult to prefer one of these terrorist organizations over the other. Fatah has held the ruling authority over the Palestinians since the invention of the Palestinian homeland. The history of the Palestinians has been of a terrorist organization kicked out of every host nation that tried to be hospitable. The Palestinians were the relatives that came to stay too long in whatever place they settled. It took United Nations mandate and taking advantage of Israel’s desire for peace that eventually insured the Palestinians their own state. Where no Arab nation was willing to keep the Palestinians, Israel was forced to accept the Arab incursion into their historical homeland. It is a done deal.

This acceptance of the Palestinians has not garnered peace. It has cost Israel more and more of its territory through the chance of appeasement. There has been no appeasement. The only hopeful recent change came with the death of Chairman Arafat.

This latest Palestinian election gives the Palestinian people a chance. Fatah is willing to negotiate peace with Israel. Israel has said they will continue negotiations if the government does not fall into the hands of Hamas. They view Hamas correctly as a very aggressive terrorist organization. Israel views the current administration under Mahmud Abbas as a legitimate government they can deal with; knowing that Fatah’s Martyr’s Brigade is easily singled out from the Palestinian Authority under Abbas.

The hope is that should Hamas take the majority of seats in the government, they will abide by their word to accept the ministries of the people and leave the diplomacy to those who Israel is willing to deal with. They understand that America will cut off aid to the Palestinians should Hamas set up its theocracy and oust Abbas from his position in the government. Both Israel and America have cited their willingness to work with any coalition of Palestinians not over lorded by Hamas.

There is a fine line being drawn. It is understood that this election process is legitimate. There are many monitors over the election process and all are in agreement that this election, in which more than 75% of the eligible are voting, is being conducted fairly and in good order. Israel has permitted many of its own Arab residents to cast absentee ballots and they have permitted others who are currently in Israeli prisons to not only vote, but to run for office.

Whatever the outcome, the hope is that Hamas will see the benefit of putting away weapons, stopping all the anti-Israel rhetoric, and taking a pro-active and helpful role in the building of the Palestinian State. There are thousands of Palestinians who have grown to disfavor Fatah for all its broken promises. They have decided to give the promises of Hamas a chance. Hamas will be unable to fulfill any promise if they cannot gain the cooperation of Israel and America. There will be no progress if Hamas decides to continue homicide killings and rocket attacks.

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