Camping At Sibbald Point (Ontario Parks)

By Brian Michael Barbeito
Sept. 26, 2005

Camping at Sibbald Point Provincial Park Campgrounds is really a great expereince. Only just over an hour north of the large urban centre of Toronto, located near Sutton Ontario, it is easily accessable yet worlds apart. There are hundreds of individual camping spots, and these are divided into regular campgrounds and what is termed radio free/alcohol free campgrounds. This way, the campers can be around the type of environment that suits them best. The fee is only 35 dollars per night, a small price to pay for the numerous experiences available and the grounds provided.

The area was orginally owned by the Sybbald family who migrated to the area from Britain. The two adult sons of the family were in Canada for a time and the mother came to check up on them, and then decided to stay and build a new life for her family. There are daily tours (no fee) of the family house. Staff give a history of the family and walking through the place all the family heirlooms can be seen. The Sibbald family was very wealthy and the place is filled with all the best of the era, from 19th century tea sets to furniture, and artwork such as large paintings to the craftsmanship of the home itself can be viewed at one's leisure.

Each campground consists of a fire-pit, a large picnic table a clothesline, and most importantly room for tents and parking. There are public showers and washrooms available to walk to. The area has a beach that is spectacular for the view, but also because the water is shallow, clean, and stretches for a few kilometres. There are a few little piers, a common store, a large park and playground, places to go fishing, or to catch frogs, have picnics, or just walk in nature. There are nooks and krannies,- meaning little marsh and bog like areas, complete with small wooden bridges. The staff and the visitors are friendly. There is a beach with a section that allows dogs and a part where they are prohibited.

The ideal time to visit such a campground in general would be whenever one could make it. But it must be even more of an experience during, say, the middle of a week, as there would be less people and one could really go for more nature walks or have picnics while exploring the whole area with less folks around. The campground asks that the firewood and kindling wood used be purchased from them. This is so that people do not cut down trees on the site, and because wood brought in from other areas could contribute to a beetle problem. The park is quite secure as its is patrolled regularily. Sibbald Point is a great way to experience the grand night with friends and family by the campfire, to swim and be around nature by day, and to experience just being away from the city in a friendly environment. For more information on Sibbald Point Provincial Park and/or other parks visit www.OntarioParks.com


About the author: Brian Michael Barbeito lives in Aurora, Ontario, Canada. His two most recent books are Medium Double Double Milk (non-fiction) and Fluoride And The Electric Light Queen (poems), neither currently published.

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