The Out Of Control Black Population Of New Orleans

By Ken Hughes
Sept. 3, 2005

The Revs, Al and Jesse are crawling out from under their rocks with a few well chosen remarks describing how George Bush and a white God planned this whole Katrina Hurricane to rid America of more blacks. Black preachers and black politicians aren’t the only ones exploiting the disaster on the Gulf Coast for their benefit, [may they all rot in hell.] Liberals in congress, TV pundits, down to local Talk Radio Hosts are trying to lay this off on President Bush and Republicans. There was a time when all Americans regardless of color or religion would put aside their differences, pull together too clean up the mess.

I’m disappointed in the Black leadership for not making an effort to console and control the black population of New Orleans. A very few blacks are giving an entire city a bad reputation, when we see the majority of those victim are black and hear of the rape, murder, and looting going on. Not one national black leader has come forward with a positive message. They prefer to play the blame game. When it comes time for the rebuilding of New Orleans it will be done by both whites and blacks. When there’s a positive story to report it won’t get to page nine of the papers and never on TV. When the hammers are in the hands of black carpenters erecting new homes, Brother Al and Brother Jesse and their crowd will be off blaming the white man for some other indignities. The blame game pays for their Rolex Watches and 2,000 dollar suites. A city of predominately-black citizens and not one black leader has come forth with a word of sympathy that isn’t hyphenated with a blame for others not doing enough. Where is their blame, why haven’t they done more than just talk.

The new 24 / 7 media contributes to the lack of respect and cooperation in the face of disaster. It takes time to react to such devastating disasters as Katrina, 9/11. Only the media keeps a bag packed and their engines warmed up waiting for the next disaster. A young sexy blond teenager is an hour late coming home from a date and the media’s there in force. When there’s to much media coverage it tends to distract from the business at hand. No one wants to look bad so they do only those things they know will look positive. Media coverage leaves no room for error, once seen its hard to correct.

Today watching the rescue efforts on TV at the New Orleans Convention Center Geraldo Rivera of Fox Cable News gave an inspiring presentation of how well the military’s handling the evacuation. I flipped to CNN they didn’t show any of the military evacuating anyone, rather they gave the most depressing report I seen so far. Geraldo a seasoned reporter gave impromptu reports while it was obvious the young lady on CNN was reading a prepared script. The point is much of what we know about what’s going on in New Orleans is media hype. Unless you’re familiar with the city and understand the logistics it’s easy to become confused. That portion of the city most heavily hit is the black area of the city. When it was determined, Katrina was headed for the city it would have been prudent for the school busses to have been deployed to assist in the evacuation. The police should have been more aggressive in demanding evacuation. There’re many things city officials didn’t do they should have done. There’s plenty of blame and not enough acceptance of responsibility.

I want to hear from those who claim to be working for the betterment of the minorities, Let them explain why they didn’t step up to the plate and do something. Blacks, Liberals, protesters, fish kissing, tree hugging, pot smoking, drug addicted, anti-war advocates. Where are you, why aren’t you in New Orleans directing the relief efforts, why are you leaving it to the military you distrust so much? And for those blacks who’ll call me a racist, get real, look in the mirror.

Come on boys and girls crawl out from under the bed, give us a hand.


About the author: Ken Hughes is prone to an occasional grammatical error and an occasional misspelled word. He claims to have learned to write by reading the Old Testament. Therefore, if you have problems with his writing talk to God. If his spelling offends you talk to Bill Gates. Ken believes its the message thats important, the rest is nonsense.

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