The Truth About The Wizard Of Oz

By Lee Zelhart
Mar. 26, 2005

It's taken me years, but I've put two and two together at last and got four. No, I'm not a moron (okay, some people out there might .can you say lib?). I'm talking about suddenly realizing the truth about the Wizard of Oz.

Maybe I should rather say Doctor Who. Some of you might wonder who I'm talking about. Exactly! Doctor Who is a Science Fiction program(or for you Brits out there: Programme)dealing with a gentleman from another planet who travels in time inside what appears to be a British Police Call Box.

Doctor Who first aired on British television the day after Kennedy was assassinated and ran for 30 years. Doctor Who was played by several actors (kinda like some characters in soap operas) because the Doctor, as he was known, was able to regenerate. This was evidently a common event to the folks at home where the Doctor came from; Gallafrey.

The first person to play the Doctor was William Hartnell. Now we get down to the meat of the matter. If you know the program and have some familiarity with the various actors playing the part, you know what William Hartnell looked like and how he dressed on the show.

Now, think about Frank Morgan from the Wizard of Oz(1939)with Judy Garland. What did he look like and dress in that movie? Aha! Eureka! Dorothy just missed being a companion of the Doctor because of a nasty, ill-timed feline.

Companions of the Doctor where many. Starting with his granddaughter Susan he picked up and dropped off many traveling companions over the years. The TARDIS(standing for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space)had a chameleon circuit which helped the Tardis blend in with it's surroundings.

This could be very useful when traveling in time, except the Doctor's Tardis was stuck looking like, as I said, a Police Call Box. This doesn't mean it NEVER worked. Just not after the begining of the show.

Who is to say the balloon at the end of the Wizard of Oz wasn't a Tardis, or more precisely the Doctor's Tardis? Again, Frank Morgan as the Wizard looks very much like William Hartnell as the Doctor and after all to uneducated folks like Munchkins wouldn't the Doctor seem like a Wizard?

Furthermore, the Doctor knows a bit about science. Remember the Wizard's throne room in the movie? The machine? The gimmickery?What's that to a guy who travels in time and has a chameleon circuit? Now, do you see what I've been getting at kids? The Wizard of Oz was also the Doctor.

Fortunately, like the Doctor himself, the program has reappeared with a whole new Doctor. Today it returns to British television. It has regenerated for a new generation. Just in time for Leonard (Mr.Spock)Nimoy's birthday. All I can say now is...Live long and prosper. Now, someone pass the Jelly Babies(You have to know the program).


About the author: Lee Zelhart is a proud graduate of McKendree College and the author of The Ghost of the Cavalier. He is the father of two children, one of which tells him he will be a grandpa next September. Both first issues are greatly anticipated and more details to be released later.

Email: graphicsdoctor1@sbcglobal.net

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