Oprah Winfrey A Victim Of Racial Profiling?

By Robert Paul Reyes
June 25, 2005

The Hermes store in Paris has apologized to Oprah Winfrey for refusing her and her entourage entry, claiming the exclusive shop was closed to the public, due to a public relations event.

The talk show queen has suggested that the situation was racial. Racial profiling is not a phenomenon exclusive to the United States, Oprah may well have been a victim of racism.

But it's very difficult to empathize with Oprah. When the average mom goes shopping, her entourage consists of screaming kids, not a posse of sycophants. The price of a Hermes purse would be enough for the average person to live on for a month.

But having said that, when you strip Oprah of all designer clothes, she is an African American. It's well documented that North Africans are discriminated against in Paris and other French cities.

Oprah is in a position of influence and power and I hope that she will force the Hermes chain to make their employees undergo sensitivity training classes.


About the author: Robert Paul Reyes is a columnist for the Lynchburg Ledger.

Email: rreyes4966@aol.com

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