Talk Show Hosts Are Losers [Especially Neal Boortz]

By Stephen Lonewolf Makama
July 18, 2005

I must qualify my opening shot by saying some, not all, talk show hosts are losers; and so there you have it.

The list is certainly as long as its obnoxious with most shows little more than a cross between a freak circus and Wrestle Mania - dog mauls or cock fights in some darkened Bronx alley or basement out on a farm in New Jersey.

Jerry Springer, Toni Lake, Queen Latifah, Jay Leno (hard not to miss some chin) Larry King... oooh he’s obnoxious alright! Those beady -magnified - behind - the - glasses - eyes seem like to lift the very skin off your nostrils... he’s what? Through the fourth? Fifth nuptial? But oh boy the cookie that must take it all must be Neal Boortz!

Neal who!

Someone sent me a piece culled off his website and man! It began “what a weekend...” launching into a verbal invective at ‘Sur Bob Geldolf’ and his Live 8 charade and by the time I got through I was like about puking - well what to expect of piece by a name like Boortz... ready sounds like a prelude to that nauseous feeling... your guts churning before you.......... boooortz!

He calls himself the High Priest of the Church of Painful Painful Truth and he thinks people hate him - there is no Church of Ouch and people - I don't hate the hombre. Oh boy! Looney bin here comes a fruit cake!

Mr. Boo...ortz goes on and on and on and on about why Americans shouldn’t give up 0.7% GNP U.S. to aid Africa - jeepers is the guy far right, far left or just plain far stingy?

Americans get up every morning and work hard to dang well earn them dead presidents according to Mr. ‘B,’ a hard -working American too and therefore sees no reason why they should give it up!

Hey listen you - its okay you know, its okay... when you sit with your snotty kids at the stingy Boortz dinner and they ask “daddy, tell us, what did you do at work today?” And you proudly announce “Oh I just urged good hard working Americans like your here daddy not to consider sending money to help dying African children your age...”

Look Mr. Boortz if you don't want to give, its fine and good besides maybe your great- greats were stingy Dutch (or wherever) anyway, so we can understand your penny pinching , but good hard working Americas have a big heart at giving, so let em.

Mr. Boortz goes off tangent to viciously attack Mugabe for stealing land from the white farmers...!! Oh boy... don't you just love this guy he not only can’t see very well so he wears glasses but he must’ve missed the History 101 extra-murals somewhere along the line if Cecil Rhodes had not shown up in Shona- land there wouldn’t be a so called despot Mugabe!

But Mr. Boortz gets down really down low - though how lower could he go? This guy spews nonsensical garbage about African “irresponsible reproduction, tribal warfare, submission to dictatorial despots, anti-capitalist governments...” and get a load of this guttersnipe[I mean the implied you know not him...] “unprotected sex leading to rampant disease...!”

Dear heavens!

We have irresponsible reproduction because we do not kill unborn babies and call it legal by abortion, we have tribal wars because somewhere in conurb America good-hard-working Americas are waking up every morning to go to work at arms factories to manufacture new guns so that the older ones will be flown by slant eyed merchants to jungles in Africa to be sold to anti-anti-capitalist rebels (who hope to spread democracy with them ‘fire -sticks’), we submit to dictatorial despots have in turn sold us to devils in Paris Club, IMF, World Bank and G-8 offices... we have unprotected sex leading to rampant disease... Oh brother! They still haven’t told us which laboratory the AIDS virus escaped from.

Americans working hard my foot! How about worked - hard-on-them funky-cotton -plantations? Mr. Boortz... ancestors of these same blacks you’re denigrating built up this country you’re so cosy in about - 0.7% GNP and all.

Mr. Boortz you don’t need a new state of the art hate meter or hate geiger counter you need a head shrinker and Mr. Pukz that five dollars you’re griping about giving? Save it and get some candy floss for your kidz. If America is evil, Mr. Boortz is the very essence of that evil - personification... hey Mr. Boortz you forgot to cut holes in white bedsheet!.


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