Iran And Syria: Are They Next In George W. Bush's Crosshairs?

By Michelle Malsbury
Jan. 19, 2005

The inauguration is barely underway and already there is much adieu about George W. Bush's next targets for democracy. As if Iraq is not enough of a burden: Syria, North Korea, and Iran have all come under the looking glass because they are as Bush says “the axis of evil”. When questioned about this next step Bush’s administration does little to quell the worlds growing uneasiness. As a matter of fact, they espouse democracy for the entire world. Is this feasible or merely another ill-conceived, ill-timed, and costly misadventure?

In October of 2004 CNN reported that there were upwards of 100,000 dead Iraqi citizens, mostly women and children, from Bush’s war folly. (October 28, 2004 CNN World News) Add to that our own war casualties and the daily cost of running the logistics for this war and we’ve got a brew for certain failure. So why add more cost and casualty to what we already have?

What was the reason given for the war with Iraq in the first place? Can anyone recall hearing the truth there? It began as WMD’s and when it was proven that there were no WMD’s the Bush Administration quickly changed their reason to the capture of Saddam Hussein, and mission accomplished! If the mission is accomplished why are we still there fighting a losing cause?

IF “discretion is the better part of valor” then why doesn’t Bush admit he made a monumental mistake in waging war with Iraq, stop the fighting, and try to help those poor war ravaged people to try and get their lives back on track?

As of 1/14/2005 the US National Debt was stated to be $7, 599, 584, 015, 246.26 and the lion’s share of that was spent on the war with Iraq! (www.publicdebt.treas.gov, http://costofwar.com ) That’s over 7 Trillion dollars and growing by the hour.

Let us take a walk back to the Clinton Era. Under the Clinton Administration we not only had a balanced budget, but actually created a surplus. As a matter of fact in September of 1999 CNN World News reported that there was a $115 Billion dollar deficit and that Clinton was wholly responsible for that windfall. (September 27, 1999 CNN World News)

Move ahead to 2005. In four short years since he was awarded the office of the Presidency, George W. Bush has spent more money than anyone in the history of the United States government ever has and the vast majority of that was on his war with Iraq. Isn’t that astounding that we can go from being $115 Billion dollars ahead of the eight ball to a National Debt that will take us 100’s of years to dig out of, if ever?

With four more years ahead of him, I’d hope President Bush would try to make world peace a priority, create a society where our poor people are fed, clothed, and educated, a nation that is at the top of the technology sector, and where all people have medical care. I assure you that this is an ambitious list, but one that bears some serious consideration just the same. With the monies we have already spent on a war that was not necessary we could have had all of that and more!

So I ask you, is this the time to begin more hostility around the globe, to spend countless billions of more dollars on death and destruction, to see our own people starve and without medical care or is it time that America begins to take care of their own? I prefer the latter.






About the author: Michelle Malsbury was born and raised in Champaign, Illinois. She attended Parkland College and the University of Illinois before graduating from the University of Phoenix with her degree in Business Management. Currently she is working on her master’s degree in Organizational Management while concurrently pursuing her lofty writing ambitions. Ms. Malsbury moved to south Florida in 1983 and resides between the Keys and Apalachicola, allowing her to experience the seasonal fluctuations between the southernmost and nearly northernmost beauty in the state of Florida.

Travels have taken her from Europe through the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, and across much of the United States. Michelle has been a bartender, real estate agent, flight attendant, beauty contestant, yacht broker, and commodities broker over the years, but writing is her passion.

She enjoys outdoor activities like sailing, waterskiing, hiking, bike riding, working out, and fishing as well as reading, music, theatre, playing with her two amusing pets (Abu Chez, her 6 year old Australian Blue Heeler and Zack, her two year old yellow tabby cat) and writing.

Michelle is a regular featured author on the web site Useless-Knowledge.com and enjoys exchanging points of view with her comrades there.

“Three Years With Adonis” is the first to be published of several books that she has written and will be available early, to mid, 2005. In addition to “Three Years With Adonis”, she has authored four other books and three screenplays while continuing to explore all that life hands her.

Email Michelle Malsbury: abuchez@mchsi.com

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