Law And Order Loses Another Actor: Elizabeth Rohm

By Judy Ramsook
Jan. 12, 2005

I am quite certain by now that viewers of the series have their favourite; some like 'Criminal Intent' and 'SVU,' but the one I have preferred is the one that airs every Wednesday night with 'Sam Waterston' 'Elizabeth Rohm' and not forgetting the recently departed 'Jerry Orbach,' just to name a few of the actors that star in this part of the 'Law And Order' series. But as I sit back to watch tonight's episode of the NBC crime drama, it will be the last one for 'Elizabeth Rohm' who played Miss Southerlyn, a prosecutorial role on the show.

Other than being a terrific actress, I thought the role she played was well done, adding a spark of drama to the episodes in which she starred alongside 'Sam Waterston.'

And late last night when I was flipping through the channels for something to watch, I saw the actress on an episode of ABC's 'The Jimmy Kimmel Show.'

Of course when asked how her departure from the show will play into tonight's episode, she did not say, so I guess we just have to tune in like viewers of the show tune in every Wednesday evening to watch them round up suspects and prosecute the wrongdoers.

And as she makes her departure from starring in one of the most popular shows on television, I wish her all the best with her future endeavours.

For as she said on last night's episode of 'The Jimmy Kimmel Show' one of the reasons she decided to leave is growth. Another reason is that she recently played a role in a movie that was filmed last summer, an experience she liked and wants to do more of. And sometimes in order for us to grow, we have to move ahead to take on something new, so all the best to you, Ms. Rohm.


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