Republicans And Poverty vs. Democrats And Poverty

By Stan Grimes
Dec. 5, 2004

Amazing, amazing, amazing, what comes out of the conservatives’ mouths just simply amazes me. We have conservatives that tell us that liberals have imbedded impoverishment upon the impoverished. That is amazing. Just because liberals are actually concerned about the poor and want to assist them in rising above their plight, does not make them the cause of poorness. Man, they’re just never going to get it. They vote blindly for a man that has his hands in the pockets of the rich and they blame poverty on Democrats, amazing. I never will understand the Republican philosophy.

Yes it is true that Democrats do want to give a little of our wealth to the lower classes. That’s not a terrible thing. I distinctly remember Reagan back in the eighties (yes the father of our trickle down fiscal irresponsibility) holding up a newspaper with want ads displayed, telling the world that there are “plenty of jobs available in this country.” The classifieds that he displayed were full of fast food jobs, vacuum sales jobs, and cemetery plot sales. Those aren’t jobs that will pull the poor man up by his bootstraps and lead him into mainstream society. They’re not the jobs that will help the woman and her children buy a house and live like the rest of us. They are the jobs that keep the poor man down and promote unemployment and welfare.

We are living in a country that is exporting jobs by the thousands every month and filling the classifieds up with nowhere jobs, but cursing the Democrats for giving a hairy hoot about poor people. That is amazing. Out of the mouth of conservatives comes the arrogance and ego-centered crap that they have dished out for two centuries in this country. Had it not been for the forward thinking of such men as Jefferson and Franklin, we would be living in a Calvanistic theocracy today bending to the will of every born-again Christian holding a public office (and there would be plenty of them).


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