AIDS: A Gay Disease?

By Eric Schomburg
Dec. 2, 2004

I was looking through the news today and I found something rather interesting; the fact that AIDS is on the rise again, but only in homosexual males. Of course, I’m not homophobic; however, I must say that it seems odd that gay men are to blame regarding this. Is it really gay men that’s the cause of AIDS? Or is it there something much much deeper?

AIDS, which is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is a disease that triggers the immune system; in other words, it triggers your defense mechanisms in your body (white blood cells, etc.) AIDS’ sub-disease, HIV, has triggered both adults and children; however, AIDS has been known to be terminal. Not to say that HIV hasn’t had accounts of death, but AIDS is a lethal enforcer to be reckon with.

Since 1981, AIDS has killed over 23 million people around the world. In case you’re not familiar with how AIDS is transmitted or transferred, I will enlighten you. AIDS and HIV is transmitted by bodily fluids; blood, semen, breast milk, etc. It triggers CD4 + T cells, which are white blood cells. When these cells decrease the person is more prone to get an infectious disease like Pneumonia and even cancer.

The issue for AIDS is, “how do you get it?” and “where does it originally come from?” Obviously it comes from sex and blood transfusion, but where is the source in getting AIDS? Some people say monkeys are the source for AIDS. That can’t be right, because some monkeys, mostly chimpanzees, resist the AIDS virus, and chimpanzees have 99% of a human’s cell development; in other words, our cells and a chimpanzee’s cells are almost parallel.

Some theorists say, believe it or not, that AIDS is a man-made virus to halt the increase of the population. No full details regarding this theory has been obtained, because it’s almost silly, but you never know. A delusion of control, maybe?

Finally, the theory that most people like to use is, AIDS comes from homosexuality. Of course, there has yet to be a solid case regarding a lesbian relationship that ends up in AIDS, at least when I was doing the research, I didn’t find any. However, homosexual men have been reported to have the most accounts of AIDS infection. I’m not saying it is or isn’t, but it appears that homosexual men are to blame for AIDS. Or are they?

A personal theory would be that AIDS comes from anal sex. Afterall, homosexual men generally have anal sex. Therefore, maybe the answer lies within anal sex. It could be the blood vessels inside the rectum that maybe the source. The rectum is fragile, and blood vessels can rupture just by defecating. With the rectum being so gentle and delicate, maybe the blood from the blood vessels erupt somehow, seep inside the penis, mix in some flatulence gas, and you have a recipe that some call AIDS. Of course this is only a theory. I’m trying to think of a more reasonable explanation besides a person’s sexual orientation.

Another theory could be bestiality sex, in which an animal and a human mate with each other. Of course there has been reports of infection, STD’s, and other diseases. Of course dogs can carry AIDS. How did dogs carry AIDS if it is only a gay-male disease? Did gay male-dogs have AIDS? I’m not saying that gay men has something to do with AIDS, trust me, I’m not homophobic; however, I think that more research needs to be done. Of course a lot of prejudiced people would say that the cause of AIDS is indeed gay men, but I think there’s more than meets the eye involving AIDS.


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