A Prayer To Ares

By Stan Grimes
Aug. 13, 2005

Dear Ares (Son Of Zeus And Hera),

You are god of war sitting high atop Mount Olympus. I give praise to you and your old nemesis Aphrodite (though secretly you loved her). I ask with all your power that you rain down your wisdom on the leaders of this nation. Help them realize that war is only necessary when a nation is about to be overthrown by their empowered enemies. Give them knowledge to understand that killing leads to more killing and that death begets death.

You, old great one, rode into battle side by side with Hades and your sister Eris, and many times you have seen the visions of death resulting from the fiery battlefield. Please great Ares go to your father, Zeus, and receive his counsel. For it is written you have often been tempered by the Great One.

Heed His guidance and great wisdom, for he is omniscient and has blessed the world with peace so many times. Please send this prayer on wings to He who rules from on high. All mighty Zeus will listen to you, his prodigal son, as any father will listen to his wayward ones.

So many have died because of one leader’s selfish egotism, he who is surrounded by puppets and weaklings. Send a true leader to our land, one that will ride the white stallions of peace and fly on high with white doves and eagles side by side.

You are the God of War, but find it in your magnanimous heart I beg to end this endless war.

I pray humbly


This prayer will give as much sway as any traditional prayer. It will affect our leaders in the world little differently than the prayers offered by Jerry Falwell, Pat Roberson, Pope Benedict, or any other charismatic religious scam artist. Praying to Ares, Zeus, Ronald McDonald, or Elvis will have the same results…nothing. War continues to destroy the lives of mothers and fathers of children in combat. No God, imaginary or otherwise, will bring back the Casey Sheehans of this world.

I give my best to a good friend, like a daughter to me, who is on her journey to the Middle East. Ashley is a bubbly nineteen-year-old, beautiful and bright. If I believed in a god, I would pray for her, but instead I will write for her and I will curse the day George W. Bush deceivingly started a war he cannot finish. Ultimately, I will vote for someone, who will end this devastation.


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