Finally A Proper Salute To Jane Fonda [Spitting Tobacco In Her Face]

By Mike Romer
Apr. 21, 2005

Well, my day started out on a high note today, I turned on my television and heard that a man by the name of Michael A. Smith, 54 years of age; spit a mouthful of chewing tobacco juice onto Jane Fonda's face at a book-signing in Kansas City, MO.

This action is long overdue and much to mild for Fonda, while American Prisoners of War were being starved, beaten and mistreated in other ways, Fonda was sitting on a North Vietnamese Anti-Aircraft tank in Hanoi in 1972, proudly smiling for the cameras that were recording her 'brave' acts of treason.

Fonda was out touting her new book;' My life so far', it's probably an explanation of how she hoodwinked Ted Turner into marrying her and how she is trying to revive a miserably failed film career.

Now the honorable Mr. Smith is being charged with disorderly conduct.

He will be found guilty, as he has already admitted that he did the act in front of plentiful witnesses, so here's my suggestions for the judge that hears his case:

1. Find Mr. Smith guilty of this charge and sentence him immediately.

2. Sentence him to a fine of the grand total of five American dollars, or the equivalent of five dollars in military script from South Vietnam; then suspend the sentence.

3. Award Mr. Smith a large can of REDMAN chewing tobacco, for his pain and suffering of the humiliation of being arrested for doing what an unknown number of US Military veterans have wanted to do for the past three decades.

4. Award Mr. Smith the keys to the city and send him home with a police escort with lights flashing and sirens wailing.

In my opinion, Mr. Smith has done what I would call an act of bravery and revenge of 58,000 some poor souls. He acted out a deed what many other veterans of our time wanted to do, but never had the chance.. I bet Audie Murphy, George S. Patton, Ike, Omar Bradley and untold other brave souls are smiling wide grins today.

In my opinion, Fonda is and was a disgrace to her father and the rest of proper thinking Americans, except of course Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, his ball and chain Hillary, and others on the left side of the spectrum.. Her brother I'm not sure of, he's probably proud of her heroics in North Vietnam in 1972. I must admit, I don't know all that much about the man.

It's a shame that Fonda's book didn't come out at the same time as books written by Jimmy Carter(play-act president), Muhammad Ali (I discovered Islam when I received my draft notice) aka Cassius Clay and General Wesley Clark, a lot of Redman could have been used yesterday.

I'm hoping John Kerry steps up and defends Mr. Smith, after all they both share time in Vietnam. I only hope Mr. Smith has more medals than Kerry.


About the author: Mike Romer is a politically incorrect, disgruntled resident of New Jersey and thinks a lot of people need their heads screwed on properly. He enjoys writing, reading and painting landscapes.

Email: romermike@hotmail.com

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