The Perfectly Possessed

By Brian Michael Barbeito
Apr. 20, 2005

Here is an odd article indeed. They say there is nothing new under the sun. Perhaps. But I don't care as much for the sun as for the moon. Thomas Keyes, my favorite writer here, (and by far the most knowledgable and talented), writes about the sun. He can have it. Its too bright. I adore the night. But I wonder if the saying is true. That there is nothing new under the sun. What about the perfectly possessed?

The perfectly possessed are all around the earth. They are completely and utterly secular. They are not athiests as athiests tend to be thinking people. They wouldn't care one way or another about athiesm. They are full of nothing. But they are not nihilists. They are a paradox that way but far from a fascinating one. They are consumers. That is about as much factually that could be said about them. That they are consumers is not a problem. The fact that this is all that they are, is. The rest is admittedly a bit airy.

They are healthy, well bred, successful. They are fresh and clean. They present well. They are not possessed by the devil per se, though I'd not rule that out. They are ruthless, wildly ambitious, very busy, and would step over you just as soon as they would look at you. They are connected to institutions of all kinds. The way things are in this world socially, politcally, economically, environmentally, et cetera, are all perfect for them.

They are a pack. They are a closed circuit. They are a separate breed from those who work and toil for truth, change, and a better world. To them, the world is perfect the way it is. Maybe the devil's greatest trick really was getting people to think he did not exist. Maybe he exists as the perfectly possessed. Morally vacant, utterly uncaring, more selfish than selfish could seem to be, and in it (the game of life) to win it (for themselves) at all costs.

Hogwash? On paper yes because what could you call them on? Show the crime. Provide the case study. But thats the nature of the perfectly possessed. They blend they move they live they purchase everything and are onwards to where they are going and fast. But if you watch you could spot them. You can hear them at times too. When someone points to only the 'legality' of an issue in modern society and only that, they are apt to be part of the perfectly possessed. Because what about the right and wrong of a said argument?

If in the eighties people used the term yuppie to denote young upwardly mobile professionals, this would be an equivilent but much more sinister. This would be a group of yuppies in these times only super-sized to say the least. I think they stink. Well not like my smelly feet because these people are all, as aforementioned, fresh and clean. But in this case cleanliness is not next to godliness. Its their spirits and general psychic vibe that stinks because they don't stand for or even really against anything other than themselves. I am a bit suspicious of that because nothing can be as perfect as the perfectly possessed seem to be.

Not in this world anyway.


About the author: Brian Michael Barbeito lives in Aurora, Ontario, Canada. His two most recent books are Medium Double Double Milk (non-fiction) and Fluoride And The Electric Light Queen (poems), neither currently published.

Email: Brian1750@Hotmail.com

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