The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy And God

By Lee Zelhart
Apr. 14, 2005

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is coming out in movie form. I look forward to seeing it. I read all the books.

I lament the fact Douglas Adams died so young. He was a funny and talented man. I think he would love what the movie industry can do visually now. I hope the movie lives up to his work.

There is, of course, another Guide to the Galaxy, or at least a guide to the Maker of the Galaxy and you really don't have to stick a Babel fish in your ear to understand it. I refer to the Bible.

Mr.Adams kind of leaves God out of his books, but then they wouldn't be nearly as funny. He does, on the other hand deal with Thor and Odin in his Dirk Gently books. They are another story(sorry, early morning pun)altogether. I grew up in Odin and that is a far cry from Valhalla.

The Bible, or I will go out on a limb here, The Holy Bible, is a much better Guide. If you read it correctly it won't get you in trouble. Note: I say read it correctly. Some have read it haphazardly and gotten into all kinds of trouble.

On the otherhand, others have brushed it off as a fiction and also gotten in trouble. In some cases have tried to disprove it and not only failed, but have receive some kind of spiritual insight. It is not a book to mess with, or make light of.

It is a book which shows were we come from and where we're headed. A Guidebook. It is also a letter from the Author to those who He wanted to use it. Us.

They say life doesn't come with an instruction manual. I disagree. This is the instruction manual. It's as good for helping raise children as it is dealing with lifes' other complexities.

I remember my Grandma Fisher spending an hour each morning sitting on the front porch in Bible study. Her hour with the Guide and the Author. She did this every day for all the time I remember her. She never, ever seemed rattled, or nervous, about anything.

I think that's were I lapsed. I got away from the Big Book my Grandma wore out. I have worn out several Bibles over the years. I wasn't as studious as Grandma, but I tried.

Well, now dealing with cancer it is time to return to the source of Grandmas' strength. I've found I miss my dose of the Guide. A serious deficiency.

Now, I have to get around and get my daily dose. While I look forward to seeing The Hitchhikers Guide in theaters I look foreword to using the other more. Time to get going.


About the author: Lee Zelhart is a proud graduate of McKendree College and the author of The Ghost of the Cavalier. He is the father of two children, one of which tells him he will be a grandpa next September. Both first issues are greatly anticipated and more details to be released later.

Email: graphicsdoctor1@sbcglobal.net

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