I Can't Stand Bleeding-Heart Liberals Either

By Brian Edward Scott Sr.
Apr. 12, 2005

In most of my articles, I attack the conservative republican mindset. This may lead some to believe that I must be liberal in my views. There is nothing further from the truth. I detest most conservative republicans, but I also have been, to put it mildly, put off by bleeding-heart liberals also.

What made me realize just recently, how much I cannot stand bleeding-heart liberals was a story about gang violence aired by CNN. On this special, the focus was on a North Philadelphia community that has been ravaged by gang related crime. This is not indigenous to Philadelphia, gang related violence is in epidemic proportions all over the country. That point is not what I was disgusted by. I was disgusted by the stupid, bozo-ish method of counter-attack that the liberal mayor and his cohorts have come up with. The counter measure to combat gang violence with guns is to limit the issue of gun permits! I said to myself, “No this ain’t true; nobody can be that damn stupid!”

Someone needs to tell these clowns that the criminal element in society does not worry about gun permits. Limiting the issue of gun permits will only affect those who are law- abiding citizens, which wish to legally carry a firearm in protecting themselves from predators. However, this is how liberals usually attack a problem that affects both the good and the bad. Liberals usually stand up for the bad. They protect the perpetuator of the crime rather than the victim. It has always been “against the grain” for liberals. If a certain issue is against the moral fiber and stability of a society, then you can bet that a liberal will stand for it.

Both conservatives and liberals have their lobbyists in Washington. The conservatives have everything that you can think of that is harmful to the earth in the name of greed, selfishness and power. That is, Big Oil, Insurance, and the dope dealers, that is the pill manufacturers. On the other hand, liberals have their lobbyists also. Everything that you can think of to destroy the moral fabric of society. Homosexual and Lesbian lobbyists, tree- hugging, yellow-bellied sapsucker loving, SUV dealership burning, sub-division bombing, Neanderthals that put 'things', land and Horned Owls above the needs of fellow human beings.

Watching that CNN special brought back more bitter memories that I have had in the presence of bleeding-heart liberals. Another thing that I despise about liberals is that they always try to put everyone in a certain category. Everyone is supposed to have their place, according to the liberal guidebook.

I remember talking to one self- professed “bleeding-heart liberal” about general issues, and we came to the subject of music. I reminisced somewhat about when I was in the Air Force back in the early and mid-eighties. Some of the music that I listened to happened to be some of Journey’s hits of the time. I fondly talked about how I still like their music and how the songs of the eighties bring back many good memories. This delirious dolt had the nerve to make a comment as this: “What are you doing listening to Journey? You’re not supposed to like that type music!” Now unfortunately, I had to work with this dimwit at a certain time every night on my mail route, so avoiding her was not possible. I gave her several chances to just be civil and have generic conversation, but that does not work with liberals. I remember coming to her jobsite one Monday evening and in general conversation, told her that my girlfriend and I went to see a movie that particular weekend. Her comment was, “What did you go see, Mo’ Money?” I decided that it was time to cut this buffoon off from normal human relations. The only thing after that little exchange of words that I allowed from her was just to hand me a signed ticket of what I was receiving from her post office. Normal human relations with bleeding hearts are not possible. Besides grouping everyone in a certain category, they also believe that some people can do nothing without their help. Minority people are not bright enough to do anything without a program that bleeding-hearts have developed. We must lock hands with these morons and sing, “We shall overcome” as we sway back and forth, tears streaking down our cheeks, is how they believe problems are solved.

They refuse to look at the achievement of the likes of Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey, and the CEO of American Express, Kenneth Chenault. According to liberal nitwits, those particular achievements were made only because of one of the good programs that liberals had envisioned, affirmative action.

Pulling good and decent people in another direction are another group of liberals. Those of the, 'Jessie Jackson type' method of operation. That is to try to keep you in a ‘down mode’ in order to look as if they are boosting you up. In short, this type is like a crab in a bucket. They pull you down in order to boost themselves up.

We can do better than this type of mindset. Both the extreme conservatives and extreme liberals are only a detriment to the country. Never since the Civil War has the country been so polarized. Once people learn that there are gray areas at times to some issues, instead of simply black and white, we will be much better off.


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