The Cool Vs. Hotheaded Employees

By Saima Akhtar
Sept. 27, 2012

She was trying to get something done on her pc system which was no longer cooperating. Several times she had started it and the work was piling up on her desk. She had reported in IT department also about the inadequacy of her system. Despite constant complaints, nobody was coming in until she requested her colleague to allow her to use his system for some time so she could send the most important emails to her clients.

The situation persisted for a couple more days. Finally she related the whole situation to her bosses and sat just like that on her work station when others of her colleagues also got busy with their tasks.

Frustrated, the work kept pending and she exchanged a few harsh words with her colleagues who were no longer lending her their system. This exchange landed her liable to complaint which was lodged against her by her own supervisor.

Although she was not guilty in any way in the above scenario, yet she had made the mistake of losing her temper and probably provided a chance to someone who was waiting for one such opportunity to arise. You may also be in a similar situation where someone is waiting for your failure to stay above you or go above you, whichever.

There, your verbal battle has been won but your thinking and attitude have deceived you. Your glorious journey from battlefield to victory has ended because the opponent has benefited from your naiveté? Wake up. Adulthood fights and childhood battles are dissimilar.

Nobody hires a child for work it is because maturity earns us our livelihood. Upon hiring, work efficiency comes after mature attitude. And maturity is the knowledge that people may be left speechless, yet unconvinced. You can either wait for the situation to clear itself up or take charge of it spontaneously as per the situation.

Hotheaded employee barges into boss’s office and bla bla bla… says all that is in heart and ends up losing job or in bad books. He loses significance before his peers and self esteem upon aggression’s consumption, and clearance of situation.

Cool individuals are not more competent than the hotheaded ones but they know how and when to play a particular shot in the right direction, with right force and right attitude. Free expression with sanity is all that the employers look for in potential employees.

There is a difference between the right aggression and wrong aggression, in positive or negative terms. Watch sports to understand whatever wrong aggression can do. The team negatively charged loses battle first. Positive aggression is an attribute, negative aggression is a shortcoming. One charges you with drive, another consumes you.

This is the difference between a cool customer and a hotheaded one. One expresses his opinion, gets heard and steps up in his career. Another blurts out without thinking and buries his career.

Analyzing the above situation, what would a cool customer have done? He would have let the work pile up, and bit his tongue before any unintended words slipped out. Upon inquiry, he would coolly have stated the situation and let the bosses take charge, after all no company hires an individual to recline in his seat and nap.

Don’t let people take advantage of you. Instead make use of the situations and circumstances in your favor. Be cool, let situation guide you, do not take charge of an aggressive situation or say anything when you are angry. Drink lots of water if your blood pressure has shot. Wait for the right time to say the right things.

Success is all about timing right and cool employees know it.


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