Negative Words

By Saima Akhtar
Sept. 24, 2012

The word struggle is not as good as we consider it. Most of the times when you feel entrapped in challenging circumstances, you call it struggle. Over the time, this word transfers itself in the subconscious mind and you tend to take every positive challenge as being part of the struggle that you had assumed at the beginning of your mind conditioning and growth.

This is true! Human mind grows at all times provided it gets the conditions and environment where it can be conditioned to operate in a positive or negative manner. Once you learn how you have to make use of your brain faculties, you only proceed the repeated experiences of your past and replicate the mind language already learnt.

Human mind is like a computer chip. So once you have downloaded all the negative words on it, you can not erase them easily, unless you make a deliberate, persistent effort. Like the mind power, will power is equally significant and powerful. It can create or break the chain of incidents in your life.

So then what is wrong with the word, ‘struggle’. It comes with all the adverse effects of taking up challenges in life. Life is a battlefield where you not only have to survive but overcome your challenges. Everyone is given his particular set of difficulties that is how nature assesses the toughest and fittest.

The common mindset of a society and its individuals is that it is so used to ordinary way of living that it can barely accept what is unusual. So ease and comfort is adored but difficulties are despised. Success is celebrated but failures are not accepted. There you lose the game and become a victim of your own mind and its troubling thoughts.

The word of struggle is just a representative of so many words that ordinary people use to describe others, to victimize them, and to make them feel inferior. Amidst the crowd you must recognize who your friends are.


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