Reward Yourself!

By Saima Akhtar
Oct. 28, 2012

If you are born and have survived to this day despite all healthy and unhealthy challenges, you have done a good job! And for a job good done, you deserve a treat. How do you reward yourself?

There is this inner voice that has been guiding you ever since you can remember and yet you reward it not, and go out whenever you feel delighted with yourself to get yourself new clothes, shoes, jewelry or in case of a guy, some chic watches and new gadgets.

You are driving your vehicle in the wrong lane, pal.

And shortly, you will get a ticket, for it is a crime to not follow the rules of the road. Yes, the Higher Hand has destined a road map for us all and when we donít follow it, we are charged as guilty and pay the price to be regulated.

Whenever you have achieved something, it is time to reward yourself. A fraction of the reward may be in form of physical possessions but most other times, it is the emotional, psychological and spiritual self that wants to be rewarded.

Reward is not just from external sources, it springs from within also. A reward should be long-lasting and not a temporary joy.

Let me put an example to make it clearer.

Every time I achieved something, little or big, just like any other person, I went out to shopping, buying a lot of useless stuff I would never need anywhere in future. Soon the delight would be replaced by an empty feeling.

Then I tried going out with friends to celebrate my joys and that happiness would die down in a couple of daysí too. Pffffff, gone! Spending a little time with family, chatting with friends on phone, internet, social networking, television, movies and much more was tried over the time by me.

But, nothing worked as the last of the rewards I discovered by chance and this lasts longer, forever. It is as if I am having an album of the imperishable memories stored away somewhere. Every time I look at it, it smiles back afresh.

The secret to a lasting reward is ĎTalking to your Inner Voice Ė The Voice of Your Creatorí.

Call it prayers, or just talking or meditation, everyday chit-chat with Him, makes you feel rewarded. What better reward can you give yourself than talking to your Creator and updating Him about all that went fine, wrong or good with you during the day?

In this form of reward you do not require physical spending, you donít have to rethink your words before saying them, you do not have to be bound by time (it can be a 5-minute or 5-hours conversation), and sometimes you donít even have to talk. The silence is understood and interpreted by Him.

Interestingly, most people feel that they are taking out time for God whereas it is the other way around. It is you and nobody but you, who needs an alone time with God.

The reward doesnít end here.

Once you have updated your side of the story, the other half of the puzzle piece fits in as responses by Him. The Inner Voice tells you what is in store for you and whatever is intended and desired of you and why something went against your expectations. This way, your pains are taken, your burdens shared, your tears takenÖ and your heart lightens.

What a reward!

This is still not the end of the story. Your reward becomes a reward unto others, when they visit you for comprehending the art of reward, of love, and of companionship that flows in and out of you, to benefit humanity.

Donít wait on any longer to satiate the appetite of your inner being.

Be rewarded today!


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