Love Is Not Blind

By Jack Briant
Mar. 19, 2012

It only seems as such when we close our eyes to the things we need to see. Love is not blind when all the senses that give ignition to the blue flames of love stay on for the duration. No settling back into just how we see the world in just one sense but rather in all 5, 6 or even 7 senses if we include the universal mind as the ultimate sense. In this way we donít miss a thing. And the little noises of everyday life get noticed rather than not heard, seen or worse yet ignored. There is no time like the present to pay attention because when we fell in love in the first place something must have been right or maybe our love was just blind to begin with.

Love is not blind when we are cognizant of our own shortcomings and character defects and donít take inventory of the one we fell in love with when things start to go South of the Equator. We identify with each otherís feelings, validate them even if we disagree about how we feel about them. When we lose our place itís usually because something just doesnít fit our natural tendency to be selfish and egocentric. Often the old adage is apropos taking a walk in your loverís shoes before you rush to judgment about how lifeís little tasks should be done. Love is not blind except if we choose to see things with only one eye open and lose perspective of true loves panorama on the big screen.

Love is not blind except when we allow jealousy, loves assassin in the bathroom window. Jealousy sometimes construed as just being in love and part of love is the most blatant lie of all time. When we feel that toxic fluid running through our veins we cannot love. Itís just like trying to keep your eyes open when you sneeze. It just canít be done and can anyone afford the price of jealousy? The cost is just too dear and the reality is that once we shut down love even for the shortest interval the risk is that we go flat line and resuscitation becomes a foregone conclusion and the death knell ensues.

Love is not blind when we love together and keep our ego from its infantile games of tit for tat, retribution and what hurts most, revenge. The face of love in its most pristine form may not always be syrupy sweet but when we become transparent and lose the agenda of control and manipulation love tastes just fine even if we find ourselves with a few hiccups along the way. Love is not blind because keeping both eyes open is the only way to fly.


About the author Jack Briant: My writings are personal musings, but they transcend my own individual experience and seek to touch your heart and soul through experiences of your own.

I seem to see life through the lens of metaphors that show up whenever I am moved or connected with the deeper meaning of life in front of me. My style humorous in one layer can move you to tears or have you nodding "yes" as you sidle up to the emotions in you.

My explorations delve into the human condition as it relates to fragmented relationships, blended family challenges and any form of the addictions that plague us.

I won't try to tell you what to do or give you 10 easy steps or even point you in the direction I think you should be headed. Rather it is my wish that you take longer looks at the areas of your life you only gave fleeting glances to.

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