Man Made Mass Produced Busts

By Mike Haran
Mar. 6, 2012

Had some interesting span. A company in China can now, from a photo, manufacture a realistic bust based on the information in the photo. I know that there are machines available to the general public that can reproduce almost any shape as I have seen them advertised in magazines such as Popular Mechanics etc. This company has however reversed the process by putting the human being back in the loop. I wonder whether the human made product is superior to the machine made one. Would the Sumerian god Enki be the same whether machine made or hand made, and what about a Rembrandt? That too would not have been quite the same would it? There is something intangible within the human mind that a machine is unable to replicate.

But then again we have to remember that these Chinese busts are mass produced by individuals. Can an assembly line produce works of art? Does Chrysler produce works of art? Judging by contemporary standards it does. If movies and modern pop music can be classified as art- why not mass produced machine goods? After all they are made using similar process'. When future archaeologists dig up our cities what in the way of art will they discover? No expressive Grecian columns, no fine monuments attesting to the glory of Rome. Instead the functional lines of efficiency based skyscrapers no doubt having artistic value to their designers and clients as they figure cost and functionality.

True ancient civilizations too had their functional none artistic quarters- but any suggesting at the time of their creation that they be considered works of art worthy of preservation and emulation would have been looked upon with bemused contempt. It will be interesting to see whether the mass produced art of today will survive the millennial to come. We of course will not be there to see- but then one never knows.

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