My Mom Made Me Learn The "Periodic Table"

By Zehra Zaidi
Feb. 28, 2012

U know what..?? I just hate “Periodic Table”..!! I hate it more than my baba’s nokia 1100, more than that grey bedsheet, more than Daal chawal.. more than my school’s principal, more than my brother’s red t-shirt, more than 9 bajey wali khabren, more than my chemistry teacher, more than milk.. more than medicines...

As I closed my eyes to recall something very special and emotional about my mother on mother’s day, I recalled my childhood again… When I came in 9th class.. This stupid “Periodic table” took me out of that innocent fairy Land. O my God! 118 elements!!! I had a test in school.. my baba got so tensed as If I was going to attend the CSS exam.. This periodic table got on my nerves. I had only 2 days left.. I had to learn the table by heart.. I could not see my class mate- Hassan “topping” the test! I started crying..Ammi said she would make me learn..! And you know how I learnt the whole table with in two days..?

My all friends and relatives became elements! :D all the elements started dancing in my mind.. I would read the chemical and physical properties of that particular element and relate it to one of my family member/relative :D:D

My baba became Hydrogen.. Ammi Oxygen – brother Calcium..My maid-Nitrogen.. My school’s principal Aluminum.. My all friends became magnesium, Lithium, Sodium, Iodine, Silicon, Sulpher..:D:D:D

Baba ordered my brothers not to tease me on that. Ammi would ask me “Jaao Calcium bhai ko bula k laao” :D “Chromium phuppo aayen gi kal”, “Nitrogen aaye hi nahe aaj, sara kaam reh gaya”

My whole 9th class passed in the same funny way.. It became a joke in my family & friends.. Everyone used to ask me “Uska kia naam rakha hai”….”Taaye abbu kon se element hein” :D:D

*Ammi..! I love u! I love you more than my Barbie, more than my “UN”, more than feast, more than D&D, more than Mix Sabzi, more than my Lip gloss, more than everything I love to love! ;) U are my Ultimate love .. My Love !:)

I love you for every little thing you did for me.. Ammi..!!!:)


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