Stand By Yourself

By Saima Akhtar
Apr. 19, 2012

People will let you down. The world would let you down. Friends and family would let you down. Your enemies will definitely let you down. Then who is it that uplifts and upholds you, your norms and your dreams?

Make sure you are not standing by the world, abandoning yourself when the adversities strike you. Yes, if you yourself are nowhere in sight of you when you need to be assured and reassured of life and its happenings, then you are doomed.

It is customary to believe that those who struggle, win! Success is also said to be attributed to a number of other factors, such as honesty, courage, perseverance and the like.

Have you ever wondered why in spite of all this, have you not won yet?

The one thing that nobody will tell you is that in the quest of better things, you let go of what was best in you.

The best in you is not just virtues of courage, perseverance, liveliness and truth alone. It is the measure of how empathetic you are, that determines who you shall be one day.

It is odd to believe that I had used almost all my weapons to understand myself and to conquer just like Alexander the Great, Steve Jobs and the like. The truth of the matter is that the world knows them from their outward demeanor and apparent virtues.

Many of the religions believe in recognizing the self. It is not as though you would merge yourself into meditation and engage yourself in doing all the difficult exercises to be successful in understanding the self. It is also not that you go to people, explaining them why you did something. It is not to seek the certificates of righteousness that make you successful.

Success comes unto those who stand by themselves.

Recognizing yourself is the first step in understanding what you are and what truly makes you happy. It is not that the world should approve of you to make you feel good and whole. It is Godís special gift bestowed on those who seek and try to find the way through themselves instead of looking for help externally.

This is the highest level of enlightenment where you have stopped worrying what comes next as a result of your actions and started to believe that whatever is to happen shall be the best. In short, consequences donít matter much than to support yourself.

The world would not come to support you when you require it the most. Anybody that you trust and love can kill your self esteem, to turn you into a robot with no individuality and senses.

Standing by yourself comes after years of practice. It requires a lot of sufferings to befall you and a lot of people hurting you immensely. This is why when I say that not many people are gifted with this quality, I mean it.

You may debate that I always stand by myself. This is something that can not however be determined unless tested. Let the trials pass on you, the sorrows hit you, and friends abandon you. This is where you will begin to seek yourself. This story culminates for many in a suicidal attempt.

Lucky are those who have learnt the hardest lesson of life because now nothing can prevent them from winning. Mind you, you were not created to get a universal certificate of virtue from the world. The purpose of your creation was to recognize, support and uplift you.

No matter how much you love someone or something, you can never stand up for them as much as you do for your own. So in the entire world, if there is one person that has to support you, itís You!

Stand by others, but above all stand by yourself. May Godís choicest blessings be upon you!


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