Five Authors Who Deserve A Wider Audience

By Timothy N. Stelly, Sr.
Aug. 4, 2011

I’ve been a fan of Brian Barbeito’s since I joined online news site Useless-Knowledge.com in 2005. I’m sure he must have over 300 stories on Useless-Knowledge.com. He is a writer with an unusual (and in this case, that is meant quite complimentary) manner of writing. It is brief, vivid and connects the little things we see in life to the so-called “big picture.” In that vein, he is reminiscent of French story crafter Rene Guy De Maupassant.

I often see Brian’s words as frames of film, and a filmmaker he is. His pen is his camera, capturing brilliant color set against a backdrop of subtle human trial. His stories are not the stuff headlines are made of. Rather, he works from the mode of a fledgling newshound shooting not what he finds newsworthy, but what he finds interesting. It is the interesting things in life, not the newsworthiness, that connects us all. Brian recognizes this as well as any writer I know. His work can be found all over the internet, but primarily at lunatiucsfolly.com and useless-knowledge.com. An interview with Brian appears at http://www.lunaticsfolly.com/node/107.

I have written to self-titled “girl poet” Tzynya Pinchback to tell her that one day her work will be required reading in my grandchildren’s English classes. She has that kind of talent, and if there is anyone I know who can write the great American novel—one that successfully takes everyday life and slaps a unique stamp on it—it’s this author of Hussy (2010 Cat In The Belly Press), and a new chapbook Space For Fragile Things (in collaboration with the equally talented R. Andrew Reeves, Jr.). She’s a little bit Maya Angelou and a dash of Millie Jackson. Need I say more? See http://tzynyapinchback.com/?page _id =495)

Even a great singer will sometimes throw filler material onto her album, but such notions are not part of her work ethic. Each word is carefully selected, like the master vintner selects grapes for a wine. Speaking of which, I have been drunk on her prose now for five years. Not a word gets spilled, nor is any left at the bottom of the glass to warm and flatten by morning. She is good to the last verb.

It’s hard to be soft, yet fierce, but E. Joyce Moore makes it look easy. She is the author of Getting To The Good Wood (2000 Lessismoore Publications), and I called her poetic work Rambling Through the Attic of Thought (2008 All Things That Matter Press), “…a poignant potpourri of poetic style and musings, from haiku to hip-hop.” Her poems run the gamut from painful to inspirational and cover subjects as diverse as the pressures of love won and lost, to being a black female and from politics to black boys who wear saggin’ pants.

Moore is a powerful poet, novelist, essayist, screenwriter and contributor to the Huffington Post. She is also an editor and was quite helpful in the creation of my sci-fi trilogy Human Trial. She was also nominated for the 2008 Avatar Literary Award for Spiritual Excellence. Her new book is ‘Ships (2011 All Things That Matter Oress). For more details check her out at http://www.brooklynartproject.com/profile/EJoyceMoore.

The woman is as brilliant as she is busy.

New York born Brooklyn Darkchild is another writer making her mark in the literary world. Her novels This Ain’t No Hearts and Flowers Love Story, pts. I and II feature characters Obie and Princess, who don’t fall in and out of love as much as they stumble around and then are forced to step back and ponder its complexities.

These are not just boy-meets-girl-loses-girl-reunites-with-girl stories. Obie and Princess are complex characters, and the fact they are both celebrities further complicates matters. The saga continues with Darkchild’s highly anticipated follow-up, We Still Ain’t Got This Right (the Sagas).

None of the aforementioned authors are conventional, and that is what first draws you to their world. It is the storytelling talent that will lock you in.


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