Balancing A Budget

By Michael John McCrae
Aug. 1, 2011

Democrats want higher taxes. Republicans want spending cuts. I am the President of the United States and I have been asked to give some specific recommendations to help balance the out-of-control debt of the nation. Here are a few ideas.

One: Cut the pay for all federal workers making over $100,000 a year by 25 percent. Cut the pay of all federal workers making between $85k and $90k annually by 10 percent. If government does not cut salary, then increase the federal tax on those salaries by 10 and 25 percent respectively.

Two: Put all federal workers into TRICARE. In the 1990’s President Clinton mandated TRICARE for all branches of the military and soldiers began paying a portion of their health care needs to the mandated HMO. If TRICARE is such a boon for the people who are fighting and dying for the country it is only fitting that America’s leadership should share in that boon. If members of Congress and the President desire some other type of “Cadillac” health care plan, they can pay for it out of pocket.

Three: Repeal Obamacare in its unconstitutional entirety.

Four: Adopt the “Fair Tax” of 23 percent on all new goods and services. This will eliminate the need for the IRS and save billions of dollars now wasted in paper, postage, administrative costs, exorbitant salaries and tax cheating by Timothy Geitner and Charles Rangel. Social Security and Medicare taxes may still be assessed, but these taxes should be placed in private accounts under the ownership of the individual. Individuals should be allowed to designate the bank, fund, or private retirement account to send these funds; otherwise these taxes should be eliminated; allowing the individuals to keep the money to accommodate their own personal retirement and health insurance desires.

Five: Do not re-negotiate any Union contract for any public service sector. If these folks go on strike, then fire them all and replace them. I believe Ronald Reagan has the template for that.

Six: Cut all federal corporate tax rates to 20 percent. That will make America’s corporate tax rates the lowest globally and will attract many overseas corporations to the United States. Every one of those corporations will need workers; meaning an improvement in unemployment numbers nationwide, an increase in local property tax revenue and tenants for the thousands of empty office structures across the country.

Seven: Eliminate the United States Department of Education. Return all responsibility for education to the States and private schools.

Eight: Eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency in its entirety. Keep the original EPA book of regulations but eliminate every regulation mandated past 1990. Simply expand the Inspector General Corps by 100 inspectors (two per state) to keep watch over corporations operating inside the United States.

Nine: Drill anywhere and everywhere there is a chance of finding oil and natural gas. For each oil and gas field opened for production, eliminate an equal amount of foreign oil/gas imports. Expand coal production to every known source. Demand all coal production be by “open pit” extraction. If that requires blowing off tops of mountains then blow them off and get the coal. Pits can be filled in or turned into recreational lake parks after all the coal is extracted from any open pit site.

Ten: Eliminate Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. Forgive all mortgages in default and pay for those with the savings from the elimination of the IRS, EPA and Department of Education. Repeal the woebegone Community Redevelopment Act of former President Jimmy Carter that mandated giving mortgages to people who could not afford to pay for them. Eliminate all government contributions to so-called non-profit organizations currently serving as money laundering fronts for the Democrat Party.

Eleven: Restrict contributions to the United Nations to 1.93 percent of the UN Operating budget. There are currently 193 nations in the UN. Each nation should pay an equal share to operations and peacekeeping. Any nation that cannot or will not pay should lose its membership. If every nation pays 1.93 percent, then the UN will always have a surplus for unexpected contingencies.

Twelve: Build the fence. The fence should be the entire length of the southern border. The fence should extend at least twelve feet into the ground; should be at least twenty feet in height and should be six feet thick. There should be a thirty-foot high watch tower placed every mile with a 24/7, four person team of trained border patrol personnel (two in tower, two on ground). Each tower will require three shifts for eight hours or twelve agents per tower. Each tower site will require a twelve room “bunkhouse” to support the personnel assigned for meals and sleep hours. These requirements will mean permanent employment for several thousand Americans. The fence building itself could employ as many as six-million workers for the duration of the building and will mean employment opportunities for tens of thousands who will be needed to manufacture the materials needed for the towers, support buildings and the roadway that will run the length of the southern border.

Thirteen: Eliminate all foreign aid to communist countries and dictatorships. If those countries need monetary and humanitarian assistance they can ask China or any other well-to-do communist country.

Fourteen: Withdraw from all hostile situations in Muslim countries. Muslim on Muslim violence is religious in nature and America has no right to insert itself in the middle of any religious dispute. Let Muslim countries police themselves. Monitor all such situations to ensure National Security is unaffected. If there is any attack on America that can be traced to a specific Muslim nation then a declaration of war will be considered against that nation. As 90 percent of all terrorism in America has been perpetrated by Muslim men between the ages of 17 and 40, then all Muslim males travelling in and out of the United States will be guaranteed greater scrutiny.

Fifteen: The United States is a sovereign nation. English is the national language. All documents will be published in English only text. All school books dedicated to American education will be published in English only text. Schools may, but will not be forced to teach foreign languages. Foreign language instruction may be elective in public schools or freely taught in private academies. The chief pre-requisite of immigration will be a speaking knowledge of the English language; without which, citizenship in the United States will be denied. The states may continue to individually cater to foreign language only individuals.

Sixteen: The Federal government will no longer consider any dispute in regard to homosexuality. The states may individually consider such matters. The Federal government considers homosexuality a matter of personal and individual freedom. Homosexuality is also a matter of special interest. The Federal government will no longer consider special interests in any matter. The Constitution of the United States renders equal opportunity based on personal responsibility and merit. Every individual is responsible for his/her life choices. Every individual has the right to formulate his/her direction in opportunity. That means nothing is simply given. Everything must be earned.

Seventeen: All Departments of the Federal Government will immediately undergo reviews by the Office of the Inspector General. The reviews will look specifically for redundancies, fraud, waste and abuse. Redundancy will be eliminated by placing all redundant operations under the single department best suited for the task. Waste will be appropriately addressed for reduction. Fraud and abuse will be punished through the courts or through firing and fines.

The seventeen suggestions above would eliminate hundreds of billions of dollars in bureaucratic intrusion and waste. The suggestions also eliminate much of the regulatory policies that keep small businesses from innovations that create jobs. Socialism is failure as policy. Free market principles and capitalism grow economies. Secure borders and a rejuvenation of the unique American culture will guarantee the perpetuity of the United States of America as a beacon of hope to those who desire to live free.

The 23 percent “Fair Tax” will ensure everyone pays “Their fair share.” It will ensure a true “shared sacrifice”. It will also keep the Federal Government on a “fixed income”.


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