Can Depression Be A Complex B Vitamin Deficiency?

By Julia Sherman
Nov. 9, 2010

So how many of you feel that you are not eating well enough and often reach for junk food, energy drinks and feel a bit off?

Are others are telling you that you may be depressed? Or do you feel you may be depressed or have mood swings that come out of the blue? Is it more than just one person that is noticing a change in you? Are you unfocused and your thinking is well, muddled?

It might be that your not eating right and that might be a cause of mimicked depression. Maybe vitamin therapy could help get a hold on your mental decline, fuzziness or mood swings.

In the world of modern drugs, new drug therapies and quick fixes, wouldn’t it be something, if for the majority of the people who took those medications that didn’t work, it really was something as simple as a vitamin or mineral that they were missing? Would it really be that be hard to believe for some vitamins might be a key to ruling out vitamin deficiency caused depression versus brain chemical depression?

Well, it just maybe that a simple complex, that was touted years ago, may hold the key to ruling out clinical depression from vitamin deficiency depression.

Looking back to the old Stresstabs commercials that showed a candle burning on both ends and saying that "you cant burn a candle on both ends, you need Stresstabs", is probably one of the most prophetic and true statements of our living in the later half the last century and the start of this century.

Stresstabs clinical trails and studies of years gone by showed that the body need B vitamins, and Stresstabs was marketed as just that, a super B vitamin complex that helps to prevent burn out and complications caused by B vitamin depletion.

Many of our old vitamin deficiencies are coming back to haunt us due to our diets. Pellagra (vitamin B3), scurvy (Vitamin C), rickets (vitamin a and D), night blindness (vitamin A), pernicious anemia (B vitamins), beriberi

(Thiamin), goiter (iodine), alopecia (biotin) and the list can go on.

Today they have changed some of the names to take away the stigma of the old diseases, but in fact with vitamin D and A deficiencies we still see rickets. We still see scurvy, pellagra and so on.

So while we change the name, the condition is the same, why not re-look at B vitamin deficiency as a cause to depression and mood swings.

Maybe we don’t want to think something as simple as B vitamin complex can help, but really, when looking at the side effects that are named with some of these new drugs, would it hurt to try something simple first.

In private clinical studies with patients willing to try vitamin therapy, many seemed to respond in as little as 24 hours. Reporting a feeling of calmness, happy, able to handle small bumps in the road, clarity of thinking, lack of hunger for junk foods and coffee, none to minimal mood swings, etc.

According to many physiology and biology books, vitamins and minerals have a direct correlation on how the human body works and we seem to forget that when new drugs come on the market. Yet when you look on any page on the Internet where they talk about conditions caused by B vitamins deficiency you see mood swings, depression, alcoholic dependency, seclusion, paranoia, delusions, RLS, insomnia etc.

Basically we can go back to the old adage, "you are what you eat", or in this case "you become what you don’t eat".

While you may not believe this small piece you may consider looking at the links to see for yourself.








About the author: Julia Sherman is a CAM provider, Director of The Pointe Center (A diabetes and health education center). She is a Diabetes Educator for the NDEP Program through the NIH, A registered Pharmacy Technician, And IFA aqua Fitness instructor and Presidential Champion Fitness recipient, three times over and a teacher for health education in schools and member FCE and AHMA. She is Author of the self management handbook Factoring Diabetes.

Email: jimmysdevoted2@bellsouth.net

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