A New Surgery Touted To Cure Diabetes

By Julia Sherman
Feb. 10, 2010

I have been reading a whole ot about a new surgery touted to cure diabetes. They say if you have type 2 and you go for this you cure your diabetes.

This is dangerous medicine at the very least. First I have to admit, in the world of medicine the word CURE has to be taken with a box of salt and in fact any doctor worth his salt would never use such a phrase.

Diabetes is now a pandemic. Almost everyone is being diagnosed with it and those that are truly diabetic are getting lesser care than they need. In essence diabetes is fast becoming a fad disease.

When so many contradictions on what constitutes diabetes, doctors become numb in confirming through further tests the level of diabetes a patient has. It has become so common to place anyone who is diagnosed with diabetes on oral medications that is often those who need insulin that are being overlooked.

There is a slow movement to go back to the original language and use time honored proven conclusion tests for diagnosing diabetes. Many other countries stick by fasting levels of over 120 or above as suspect. And place the person in hospital for an OGGT/GTT (oral glucose tolerance test or glucose tolerance test) and follow up insulin level test to positively without a doubt confirm diabetes and what type they are.

But these are to decide that you have diabetes. Many are being diagnosed as diabetic due to obesity, lifestyle or what is even more scary, when a person comes in with a normal glucose reading of 110 they are told they are diabetic. This is dangerous.

One things that is even more dangerous is the panic to prevent diabetes. SO many new supposed cures have hit the market it is scary to think that people may be harming themselves more by accepting these procedures.

A new procedure that a doctor developed was the removal of the jejenum/duodenum loop r curve from the small intestine to cure diabetes. This si the tiny area just past your stomach where it comes in contact with the major intestine. In this small area the digestion process of carbohydrates begins.

Let me tell you, you need carbohydrates for a host of biological functions. A doctor decided that if you remove this, you cure diabetes. In a study that explains the theory of how this works, in essence you are setting yourself up for more trouble.

I have to say, before I get barraged by it worked for me emails and so on that while it may appear to work, and you a have absolute diabetes it will not cure it. It just masks it and sets you up for more trouble. The operation works by stopping the signal of the release of insulin to digest carbohydrates in the loop. This procedure is a form of gastric bypass.

The food then lands in the small intestine where it is digested. Carbohydrates are still digested in the small intestine., You are still having glucose converted in the intestines and with no signal for insulin to be released you still have build up of glucose The process of elevated glucose albeit is slower. And with any gastric bypass surgery your benefit towards a supposed obese diabetic, is that you loose weight. They go on the theory that all obese people are diabetic. This is simply not true.

What they are touting as diabetic are considered borderline, pre diabetic, metabolic syndrome, Incretin Reponses etc. They lump all of these diabetic like conditions as diabetic. And this gives false hope to those who are diabetic, who opt for the surgery. All you do is loose weight.

While they say that loosing weight will help prevent or stop diabetes, this too is false information for the millions who are truly diabetic and opt for the surgery to cure them The only true diabetes treatment that is effective and longstanding is Insulin. With all fo the varieties we now have of delivery, we no longer have to be afraid of the poke.

In all, even after the surgery you will still need to digest carbohydrates. If you do not digest carbohydrates you stand to be hypoglycemic and can go into insulin shock. If you are diabetic, your body cannot utilize glucose of any type, no matter the surgery. The initial reaction maybe positive, simply because you are not digesting carbohydrates yet.

And like any gastric surgery your diet will be restricted for a while, until you heal. Giving you a false positive lower glucose reading. But slowly it will build up.

Many are placed on oral medications for a number of reasons. So in effect are you now cured or just a victim.

The surgery has not been around for that long, it is only about three years max. And with that we do not have the follow up data or their diagnostic lab work to confirm diabetes, which makes it suspect surgery.

In an article, these surgeries are based on animal research Dr. Rubino's research findings in animals show that procedures based on a bypass of the upper intestine may work instead by reversing abnormalities of blood glucose regulation. so the research was not on humans! The article further goes to say conjecture, implied etc. And even the researcher is not so sure it is going to work.

As a full-fledged Insulin dependant diabetic, I am not afraid of the poke. As one who had the benefit of gallbladder removal and having to change my diet to vegetarian, I can tell you that while I am loosing weight, I am still diabetic. And that biology won’t change.

So if you are considering this here is some friendly advice: Make sure you are not full blown diabetic.

Insist on an in hospital glucose tolerance test and an overnight insulin level blood test to confirm if you are or are not. When doing these tests they are definitive and not just guidelines with interpretations. Numbers do not lie.

If you find that you are NOT diabetic, make some healthy changes before opting for surgery to bring your levels down.

Attend Diabetes self-management classes that are recommended to you or if you do not like that clinical atmosphere find a provider that you feel comfortable with to explain everything and your options. Get a second and third opinion. Never go under a knife in hopes of cure on the first try.

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About the author: Julia Sherman is a CAM provider, Director of The Pointe Center (A diabetes and health education center). She is a Diabetes Educator for the NDEP Program through the NIH, A registered Pharmacy Technician, And IFA aqua Fitness instructor and Presidential Champion Fitness recipient, three times over and a teacher for health education in schools and member FCE and AHMA. She is Author of the self management handbook Factoring Diabetes.

Email: jimmysdevoted2@bellsouth.net

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