The White House And Congress Fawn On Israel And Foment Jewish Expansionism

By Thomas Keyes
July 25, 2005

According to a recent poll conducted by Opinion Research Corporation, as reported by CNN on July 20, 2006, 63% of Americans felt that the US should steer clear of involvement in the present conflict between Israel and Lebanon, though 57% said they sympathize with Israel. 45% said they disapproved of the way Bush was handling the conflict.

Here I am not challenging the accuracy of the poll or the justifiableness of the public opinions it reflects. I might interject that I don’t see how 57% of Americans can still seriously support Israel in its crazed career of expansionism, and I don’t see how only 45% can disapprove of Bush’s handling of anything in the Middle East, but it is a little heartening to see that 63% didn’t want the US to get involved.

But set these reservations aside for a moment and just accept the numbers as they are, dispassionately and impartially.

A resolution to support Israel against Hezbollah (‘Hizbullah’ is a legitimate alternative spelling) passed in the US House of Representatives by a vote of 410 to 8, which amounts to 98%. If we call this vote no more than an _expression of sympathy, we may compare it with one of the poll numbers. Why does the House of Representatives show a 98% pro-Israel stance, when only 57% of the general public does likewise? Obviously, the representatives are utterly contemptuous of their constituencies, and obey the wishes of the Jewish lobby implicitly.

However, let me quote an article by CBS News. “An AIPAC spokeswoman said Congress's overwhelming support for Israel reflects the support of U.S. voters and not any pressure applied by lobbyists. ‘The American people overwhelming support Israel's war on terrorism and understand that we must stand by our closest ally in this time of crisis,’ said Jennifer Cannata.”

So Jennifer’s statement is an out-and-out lie, an utter and total piece of mendacity, an abject and despicable falsehood. The House vote reflects the wishes of AIPAC and the Jewish lobby at large, not the wishes of the American public, who, in the eyes of the lobby, are only so many cattle. If they can compel the obedience of Congress, what do they care about hoi polloi, the ragtag and bobtail, the goyim?

Let us recall that the conflict in Lebanon began with the kidnapping of a couple of Israelí soldiers. The death toll is now several hundred, including several Canadians and Brazilians, and Condoleezza Rice is proposing that a stabilizing or peacekeeping force of 30,000 UN or NATO troops be stationed in south Lebanon. And the phrase ’30,000 UN or NATO troops’ can probably be understood to mean 29,000 Americans, and a few token troops from each of about a hundred dictatorships, republics, principalities, cantons, enclaves and islands.

Now if 63% of Americans expressed their disapproval of American involvement in the conflict, let us assume that the other 37% were for it. And it can be fairly assumed that AIPAC is 100% for it. So when Rice speaks of deploying 30,000 troops, who she knows perfectly well will consist mostly of Americans, whose wishes is she conforming to? Is she heeding the opinion of the general public, or is she making yet another of her endless displays of blind, unreasoning, robotic, marionettish subservience to George W. Bush and his Jewish masters.

Here is the article about the passage of the resolution. Notice the ominous picture that accompanies the article. Jew-run CBS is claiming Israelí overlordship of Congress.


And here is the article from CNN about Rice’s proposal. Now it’s Rice’s turn to be seen with the Israelí flag.


Here’s the one about the poll.


I wish I could just write the article and have confidence that my figures would be believed, on grounds of my integrity, but fellow contributors like Mick, Pain, Gelbart, Abraham and Chamberlain make all sorts of wild, unsupported counterarguments and unfounded accusations.


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