Of Pink Flamingos And Nativity Displays

By Robert Paul Reyes
Jan. 7, 2006

The pink flamingo is a quintessentially American product, it's garish, bold, plastic, ubiquitous and it serves no purpose other than to offend aesthetic sensibilities.

Ostensibly, a pink flamingo is a lawn ornament, and I guess it's an appropriate decoration for a lawn that is mowed and treated with chemicals.

Owners of pink flamingos don't hide them in backyards, they display them in their front yards, flaunting their tackiness to the whole neighborhood.

How fitting that the most disgusting movie ever made, the 1972 John Waters release, is titled "Pink Flamingos." I get nauseous at the prospect of divulging the plot of Pink Flamingos, and I get ill at the thought of a neighbor putting up some pink flamingos in his front lawn.

The only object that can rival a pink flamingo in garishness is a nativity display. Christians don't set up nativity display in backyards, they exhibit them in their front yards, proudly declaring that they worship a plastic baby Jesus.

The heyday of pink flamingos was in the late 1950's, an era of conformity and intolerance. An enlightened 21st century America should be free of pink flamingos and nativity displays.

Pink flamingos were once cool but not they are only displayed by hipsters reveling in their love and appreciation of irony, I wish nativity displays would meet the same fate.


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