Tucker Carlson Ditches The Bow Tie

By Jack Lepiarz
Apr. 17, 2006

It has come to my attention that Tucker Carlson has decided to ditch his trademark: the ever-popular, ever lovable bow tie.

For those of you keeping track, yes, that's sarcasm.

But anyway, the announcement came as a shock to MSNBC producers, and Willie Geist was the one to break the news on Tucker's MSNBC blog, "Untied."

"The boring truth is Tucker just woke up on Monday and decided he wasn't wearing it anymore," said Geist. "There were no focus groups. No executive orders. No interventions from family or friends. Tucker just casually announced to us the bow tie was history."

So what does this mean for the legacy of Tucker Carlson? Throughout his career as an anchor (I refuse to put news in front of that title), Carlson has been known for his bow tie. Some people love it and think that it symbolizes his free-spirited attitude. Others think that it makes him like an idiot, although Jon Stewart put that idea aside when he appeared on Crossfire, admitting that he knew how hard it is to properly tie a bow tie.

Oh baby.

As Geist put it, the sudden change is comparable to Superman not wearing a cape, Mr. T not wearing his gold medallions, or Paris Hilton not looking like an apathetic moron. The only difference from all of those is that this is a change for the better (Paris would simply lose her appeal without that look).

Of course, the big thing here is how this change affects my wardrobe. You see, for the past 10 months (well, ten months on April 23rd), I have refused to wear bow ties as a sign of resistance. Now, Mr. Carlson suddenly switches gears on me and stops wearing the bow tie. My dilemma now is whether to go back to wearing bow ties (which I never did before anyway) or continue to wear a normal tie. Or to simply not wear a tie at all. I'll go with that.

Jokes aside, I think that this is a bad move for Mr. Carlson. His wearing the bow tie is similar to what I do when I say the morning announcements, which is make a fool of myself. However, the bow tie makes him stand out from the crowd a little more. I am willing to bet that more people know Tucker Carlson than Paul Begala, even though they both hosted the same show.

So, then, why did he do this? As Mr. Geist said, Carlson simply told MSNBC producers that he wasn't wearing a bow tie anymore. That's it. No reasons, no explanation. So I'd like to throw some ideas out there. Now remember, these are purely speculation and should taken as such.

There is always the possibility that Carlson decided that it was time for a change, by which I mean not looking like a five-year-old in a bow tie, and therefore decided to ditch it for a more adult look. On the other hand, it's possible that Carlson also wanted to spark some interest in his show (whose ratings are at roughly half of the Daily Show's and The Colbert Report's, two shows that directly compete with "The Situation). My personal belief is that robbers have stolen Mr. Carlson's bow ties and are now holding them hostage.

Let's hope that's not the case.

Now, of course, these are purely speculation, and Carlson has not yet explained why the bow tie has so mysteriously disappeared. Naturally, I am sure that he will offer an explanation for his rash and irresponsible behavior (those bow ties have families to feed, you know). All we can do is wait and hope.


About the author: Jack Lepiarz is a senior at Madison High School. Born in Waco, Texas, he lived with the Big Apple Circus for much of his early childhood, eventually moving to Madison, New Jersey, where he now resides. Although he is often described as stubborn and egotistical, he tries to keep an open-mind towards new ideas and treat people the way he would like to be treated.

Email: Jackwuzhere42@aol.com

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